Hi! My name is Urna. I am from Ulaanbaatar Mongolia. Mongolia is one of the coldest place on earth .I go to this private Adventist school “Tusgal”, I was never that happy with my school because we have very few kids and our classrooms are small ,we don’t have a gym so we excersice at the cafeteria. I never knew that I was very lucky and privileged to got this school until my mom told me that there are schools that are very cold because they don’t have the heater we use nowadays .They use a fireplace for warmth and  they don’t have enough money to buy coal or wood to heat up the place .The children’s little  hands are too cold to take notes or even pay attention to class since they are freezing! So  my mom thought that maybe we could help them by buying wood!

We did buy them wood and they were so happy !, just for this simple act of kindness I wanted to do more good deeds, it felt good! it felt refreshing , and it felt like I gave hope to those tiny little children. I hope that those little kids felt love and kindness,  that they wanted to do good things too! not huge stuff, but little things. Little by little I pray that  the small acts of kindess touches other peoples hearts , more and more people would start helping each other not competing  then the world would become less dangerous, less abusive, less competitive, less jealous that their hearts would open up ,it would be easier for them to believe In Jesus and spread the good news to everyone.

Have a nice day!!!!!! ~~