Pluralism and Uniformatism impossible

Koot van Wyk (DLitt et Phil, ThD)

The modern trend in Germany is also the modern trend in every country. A group of pluralistic religious scholars came together, a Rabbi Daniel Alter, a professor from the University of München, a journalist, Tatjana Berg on the phenomenon of religion in Germany, a Muslim Ahmad Mansour and the interviewer. They all chat on the video with the agenda of coming from different religions mixing with others with the dialogue of tolerance and acceptance as key constituents. Keep in mind it was the same agenda as in the days of Elijah when Baalism and Israelitism were finding each other with the same pluralistic embracement agenda.

Prof. Michael von Brück of the University of München is the most pitiful situation. He is an existentialist who comes from a Christian background but due to his interaction with a student at the University of München slipped of his religious path and became a Buddhist. Now he is embracing both Christianity and Buddhism, he claims. But that is impossible. You can see it when they define what true belief is each one. When the Muslim Mansour said that belief for him is responding in a proper way to your Creator and smiled in the direction of prof. Von Brück, you can see the pain in the eyes of Von Brück and rightly so. He sold his soul to uniformatism. The theory that the world is running forever in a cycle of living and dying never to stop.

Uniformatism is the thread of modern science and the fallacy thread of it as well. El-Nino and global warming should tell you that the world was not always the same. Evidence for a Worldwide Flood and evidence of Catastrophism should also tell you things were not the same. But not so in Buddhism and not so in Uniformatism. They get very cornered and feisty when one point this out to them. They overlook the Fingerprints of God in nature, the spirals of Fibonazzi, the maths of calculations of distances and cycles in human life that add up to the same digital numbers in a row of items in nature, and yes the sun comes up and goes down every night to give the false impression that everything is in a continuous cycle.

But that is Von Brück’s fallacy. He looks at human religions, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhism and other religions and claim that all of them have varieties in them. One can say that of Adventism as well but notice something. Only moral influence, evangelical, moderate, conservative, ultra conservative and extremist ultra-conservative traditional Adventists can hope to find truth and true religion in this world, others are cut out from that possibility because of their denial of the standard of truth: the Bible. Yes, normativism is not outdated. Relativism is a danger and embraced by progressive and liberal thinking. Von Brück claims that humans in current religious pursuit are looking for two things: meaning and participation.

Liberal? That is what Von Brück is hoping all will embrace. His agenda is to glorify liberal as the key word for happiness in future plus tolerance of that liberation and acceptance of those who liberate themselves. So what did Von Brück do to get to his position. He denied the Bible as the source of religion or revelation of God. He denied God. He walked over to Buddhism and phenomenologically designed his own religious rules or ethics or standards of propriety and from his own existential position, then hoped to talk about and moralize for others in pluralistic embracing terms what the right thing is to do in future. For him children should all be raised in a non-religious environment in school but then to the religion of their choice but then after than in a phase of dialogue with other religions, in his hope that they will also liberate and embrace pluralism, tolerance and acceptance. His view of religion is that humans want to know why pain, why death and have an ecstacy or narcism in their religion. They want to feel heaven and earth is connected.

This phenomenological explanation of religion does not touch upon what is “true religion” nor standards or norms: how do you ascertain the source of your religion, the legitimacy and authentication of that source. He said nothing of this and will have trouble in explaining it properly. He will have to fight normativism, the insistence of Adventists that Sola Scriptura for faith is absolute essential in religion. There is no compromise ever here. Impossible. The nuances of the Scripture brought Adventists to the Sabbath truth and to the Investigative Judgment doctrine of the Sanctuary Message in the Bible and the book of Hebrews. So there is no way that Von Brück will ever make way with Adventists here. Creationism is essential as backbone for Sabbath keeping so Buddhism and other religions are already out of the picture here.

Elijah said no. We as the Seventh-day Adventist religion also say no. Tolerance is allowing people to be what they want to be. But allowing those people to be what they are within our church is not possible. They have to change. They have to come in line with the Bible and its teachings. They have to be a Creationist. They have to reject LGBTQH philosophies. They have to reject ecumenism. They have to reject pluralism as a truth but pluralism outside of Adventism must be tolerated and accepted as humans following their own deceptive unfortunate ways.

Biblically, uniformatism is impossible since the Flood of Noah came in 2692 BCE (Van Wyk, IJRSSH Vol. 7/1 January-March 2017: 126). Evolution is impossible also scientifically as scholar will have to admit. Darwin was way too superficial in his theories. He was just scratching a surface using imagination and similarities of shape and form as ingredients for his theorizing.

But, the dark side of the world have to embark on Evolution if they want to come to Uniformatism and ultimately to Liberalism, tolerance and pluralism and of course acceptance. The reality is that this kind of peace of theirs is not lasting. It is a short term solution but not a long term solution. Human destiny ultimately is a very absolute important aspect of human life and by this agenda of modern trends they are robbing humanity from securing their ultimate destination beyond this life.