주 사랑하는 자

We’re Marching to Zion


1 Come, we that love the Lord,

and let our joys be known;

join in a song with sweet accord,

join in a song with sweet accord

and thus surround the throne,

and thus surround the throne.


let: ... 하게 하다

joy: 기쁨, 즐거움

join: 결합하다, 합류하다

accord: 일치, 조화

surround: 둘러싸다

throne: 왕좌, 보좌



We're marching to Zion,

beautiful, beautiful Zion;

we're marching upward to Zion,

the beautiful city of God.


march: 행진하다

upward: 위를 향한, 위를 향해서


2 Let those refuse to sing

who never knew our God;

but children of the heavenly King,

but children of the heavenly King

may speak their joys abroad,

may speak their joys abroad.


refuse: 거절하다, 거부하다

heavenly: 하늘의

abroad: 외국으로, 해외로, 널리, 사방으로


3 Then let our songs abound,

and every tear be dry;

we're marching through Emmanuel's ground,

we're marching through Emmanuel's ground

to fairer worlds on high,

to fairer worlds on high.


abound: 많이 있다, 풍부하다, 충만하다

tear: 눈물

ground: , , 마당

fair: 고운, 아름다운. fairer: 비교급, 더 아름다운, 더 고운

on high: 높은 곳에, 하늘에, 공중에


Text: Isaac Watts (1674-1748)

Music: Robert Lowry (1826-1899)