Pictorial Bible Exegesis of Isaiah 51 and the Resurrection


According to Isaiah 51, the Resurrection will have the remnant “lift up your eyes to the sky” and the trip to heaven will have the faithful resurrected ones “then look to the earth beneath” (Isaiah 51:6a-b). The “earth will wear out like a garment” as the Remnant is taken by angels to heaven, “and the inhabitants will die in like manner” which is clear that the remnant is no longer on earth and part of these evil remainder inhabitants on earth (Isaiah 51:6e). It is “My salvation shall be forever” so that it is no longer in history. It is not the Babylonian or Assyrian Exile restoration here. It is forever and eternity started and Resurrection is passed and the Remnant as Zion moved to the heavenly New Jerusalem. In the third panel the Lord speaks directly to the faithful wheat in the Remnant, the good harvest, “you who know righteousness a people in whose heart is My law” (Isaiah 51:7a-b) which is Paul’s theology in Romans and other letters and also Jeremiah promise cited by Paul in the New Testament. Righteous people, in God’s terms, have the Law of God in their hearts. It is the gospel of the Old Testament and Paul in the New Testament is exactly the same. Even afflicted the remnant of history should not be afraid since “moth will eat them like a garment” [the evil and afflicting ones] (Isaiah 51:8a). It is again eschatological for “My righteousness shall be forever” (Isaiah 51:8c). It is not just romantically or metaphorically in the mind or psychology of Isaiah. It is God speaking and reality. Preterists wish to apply everything to Isaiah and his times and cancel or tone down the promises of God from “forever” to “longer duration in present time”. It is to rewrite Isaiah.

(Source: K. van Wyk, Van Wyk Christ’s Actions in History Prophetically 183)

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