Timeless Universals, Timebound Information and God


Is God bound by nature that He created or can He overturn the laws of nature?

Two axioms illustrate the answer to this question.


“Timeless Universals

Citation: “God inhabits a reality of things that could be no other way—things (such as 2 + 2 = 4) that even God could not change—universals of logic, esthetics and ethics—an objective standard: “And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.” Brown (2012), Budziszewski (2003), Changeux & Connes (1998), Peirce (1902), Wigner (1960).”

Nonsense. All these authors have it wrong. God supercedes reality. Reality is subordinate to God. We are going to walk through walls like the glorified Jesus after resurrection. That is not confinement in reality but beyond reality.


“Timebound Information

Citation: “Information is contingent. It could be otherwise. It is created and thus happens in time. It arises from mind, and might be coded, instantiated in matter, and perhaps even free floating. Dembski (2014), Egnor (2014), Sheldrake (2013).”

This is very important because what is good now is old next year in technology. The reality is “left behind” for museums as we live on or flow with present reality touching an ever escaping future. When we arrive at another today, there is another yesterday and another tomorrow. We move all the time. The moving worn us out and we aged in the process of life. But some do become wiser if not better educated. This is the good thing about it. We listen more than we agitate. We advise more than reacting. Not because we are older and the younger must listen but because many bumps have taught us that they repeat themselves in other humans. As we did not listen and fell over the speedbump so these younger ones do the same. We never get it properly unless we commit our lives to God. The education from God is fast and manifold and borderless. There is no ceiling. The sphere is endless for this domain is endless. That is God and where He is going to take us. He has a message for us capsuled in time with timebound information in genres like prophecy.


Human approach are twofold: affirmation or skepticism regarding the Revelation of God

“Two men sat behind bars, the one saw mud, the other one stars”.


Approach to the Word of God

The Bible demands that we work our way in a composite manner harmonizing and scooping up all variants of the one topic and let it be synchronized without opposition or error. There is no room for skepticism in the authenticity of the Revelation. Inspiration cannot be doubted. Hermeneutics of difference cannot be tolerated.


Dear God

Forgive humans for their exaggerated self-esteems. Their inflated self-concepts. The mirror boys and girls. Teach us to unlearn the skew and to be taught by You eternal consequences. In Jesus Name. Amen.