Josiah Litch predicting Fall of Turkey with Bible in 1838


"In the year 1838, two years prior to the above date, Josiah Litch, one of the Advent believers, of Boston, Mass. published the statement, based upon the above [below here] calculation, that the Ottoman supremacy would cease on the 11th day of August, 1840. Being challenged as to how much he would venture on the prediction, he said, "I will stake my belief in the inspiration of the old Book [meaning the Bible] that the event will transpire on that day."

It is a remarkable historical fact that the ultimatum drawn up by the great powers (England, Austria, Prussia, and Russia), dictating terms of settlement with the pasha of Egypt, with whom the Porte was then at war, was submitted to the Turkish Government for acceptance, and by the sultan's agents was placed in the hands of the opposing ruler, ON THE 11TH DAY OF AUGUST, 1840. By the acceptance of this ultimatum, the independence of the Ottoman power came to an end, and it has since existed only on sufferance of the powers."


Source: Sabbath School Quarterly on Daniel 1904 page 35 based on the exegesis of Revelation 9:1-3


Gibbon gave the initial date as 27th of July 1299

5 months or 150 days or 150 years 27th of July 1449

an hour is 15 literal days 11th of August 1449

a day 1 year 11th of August 1450

a month 30 years 11th of August 1480

a year 360 years 11th of August 1840