God exists and this is why…

By Koot van Wyk, Cheongni, South Korea


Atheists like Richard Dawkins and his friends like L. Krauss sit around atheist audiences and agnostic societies claiming that God cannot be proven. Therefore they are atheists. No. Not at all. They misjudge themselves. Not God. God cannot be judged. You have to be bigger than God to judge Him. If the atheist thinks he /she can sit on a dust pin invisible next to many of the big stars in size and decide what is right and what is wrong. They overrated themselves. Megalomania.

But let us focus on realities that we cannot deny as human beings.

God must exist because…

1.   The consistent spirals also discovered by Fibonacci in pine trees arrangement, mind you with mathematical precision and the same in other flowers, stars with Russians finding the same in DNA, you need to ask yourselves why is it that this earth have so many of these. In India the question came out and pantheism was born more than 2000 years ago. There must be a god in everything because [his/its] fingerprints are there.

2.   Can Dawkins explain why it is only this earth that has the organized universe to the inside as well as surrounded by an immense vast universe to the outside? Here is a reformulation of the question: why is it that only this earth has all these high developed mathematical and chemical balanced homeostasis relationships with so many varieties of species existing in fauna and flora and the moon and Mars had nothing when NASA arrived there. Nothing. Not even one intermediate fossil or pieces of a fossil. How come evolution bypassed the Moon and Mars and only succeeded on earth? No answer is also permitted. For there is no answer to this except God created it to be so. And He did.  

3.   Daniel 9:24-27 admitted by Thomas Aquinas and the Reformers and taught so recently also by Seventh-day Adventists predicted with mathematical precision around 597 BCE that Christ would be living in 27 A.D. and died in 31 A.D. with the 490 year prophecy in those verses. God said. Daniel wrote. And Jesus came. Aquinas admitted, Reformers also and Adventists. I do too.

4.   You cannot sit in a submarine your whole life and decide there are no countries in the world, just water. So you cannot decide whether there is a God if you haven’t crossed to the outer border of the expansive universe. Otherwise you are mere guessing. And that is what atheist are doing. They live with the false methodological premise that quantity of support will prove that they are right. What a fake. If the submarine has all kinds of items in it with labels reading “Made in Korea” or “Made in China” then you can with strong probability claim that there is a country China and a country Korea. And that is what Christians are doing looking at the wonder of this earth and its nature. It is about time for atheists to open their closed eyes and look around. They must expand their horizons to include the whole universe not just everything until the atmosphere which is visible to their eyes.