World View and Biblical View


In your kitchen sink, a population of bacteria is living. Nearly all of them belong to the secular worldview. They are convinced in their science that there are no humans and that the water that is coming down from the “sky” is flushing naturally by itself. Some times during the day there is light in the drain and sometimes there is none. The population of bacteria insisted that their kids must be educated with the rule that evolution is the origin of themselves. Also, that the water and light are originating by itself. Among them is a minority group of bacteria that claims the tap is created and so is the light and that in fact, humans do exist. The majority of bacteria voted that they should ban the teaching of this minority group in the bacteria schools since it may infect the minds of the young bacteria. “We cannot allow the youth to be running after fake science. Creation is not possible and just a fairy tale. Furthermore, look at ourselves. No human was ever seen creating us. Evolution is the scientific agenda of the whole population. Faith and speculation is not science. We have not seen humans so they do not exist”.

Incarnation. Then Jesus Christ decided to become a bacteria and enter the kitchen sink. He lived among the bacteria for 33 years. He preached to them and many followed Him but the establishment rejected Him and killed Him. When He was resurrected He went back to the humans, but no longer human, but a bacteria forever! By His own choice. Philippians 2:5-8.

Who of us will do it?

Are we willing to become a bacteria, enter the drain, live there 33 years and then come out with the decision to remain forever a bacteria?

Are we willing? He did.

No wonder the angels are impressed and convinced of His love for His creatures.

More demonstration you do not need. Christ decided to become a bacteria to save the lost bacteria population and remain one forever.

Thank you Jesus. If I have ever sinned against You …I also want to be saved.

(Koot van Wyk teaching the Sabbath School Lesson on Education on Sabbath 31 October 2020).