Secular World View and Adventist View


Did you hear someone saying? “You Adventists are living in a fishtank while all of us are swimming in the wide ocean. You need to come out of your narrow-minded so-called ‘biblical mentality’ and become normal like the rest of us”.

It really is the dividing line between secular World View and the Adventist World View.

For those who live with a Secular World View, the earth and its near neighbors, maybe until Mars? is the only reality that exists. Everything originated within this domain or zone or at least this is the highest technology and inventions you can find. There is no God, the Bible is a normal book written by human hands only and they made up God with a large conspiracy objective. The Law of God is just Moses and just human. Period. There is no heaven to go to and no hell to shun. Your head is heaven and your feet is hell. That is it. Otherwise you must drink, dance and be happy, for tomorrow you will die, like the animals.

Adventists are a family in the “fishtank” as they say, but they all believe in a Bible that was given to them by the Hands of God and also a Law that was also handed down by His hands. God exists and Jesus exists. Jesus became man and stayed man when He went to heaven. He was God in diapers. The Shepherds were His first students.

The secular world view humans are insisting that the “red” line is the only reality we are facing so that creation is impossible faith and fiction and evolution is a fact and science.

Adventist demarcated their reality a bit larger than those of the ‘ocean swimmers’. Their “blue” line includes their own fish-tank, also the ocean’s reality, but includes everthing else up to heaven where God is and beyond. Vast domain. What an enormous reality. It’s width and size cannot be measured by us. The secular world view members are talking of about two and a half years flying to Mars but Adventists uses eternity jargon for their view.

Now “narrow-minded” has exchanged places with “open-minded”. Suddenly the roles are reversed. The one view measures and time reality while the other view threw away the measure tools and time instruments and work with eternity. More people would like to join?

(Koot van Wyk explaining the Sabbath School Lesson 31st of October 2020)

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