Reformers knew very well the Sabbath view of Adventists or the Bible


In 1562 the Calvinist Zacharias Ursinus came to Heidelberg, got his doctorate and taught there. He wrote a commentary on the Heidelberg Catchecism of Calvin which Calvin wrote in 1534ff.

What is of interest to us Adventists is Ursinus’ insistence that the Law is still binding on Christians for obedience (page 496). He mentioned the modern Adventist view in 1562 already about the reason why Christians should keep the Sabbath. On page 565 Ursinus wrote the objection against Sunday keeping and seventh day Sabbath argument as follows:


“Obj. 6. If the cause of any law be perpetual, the law itself must be perpetual. The remembrance and celebration of the creation of all things, together with meditation upon the works of God, is a perpetual cause, call ing for the observance of the seventh day as the sabbath. Therefore the law respecting the observence of the seventh day as the sabbath is unchangeable, even after the coming of Christ”.


However he felt that the difference between Jews and Christians on the Sabbath is that Jews could not change the Sabbath but Christians had the liberty to do so. Well….