Isaiah 13 readings according to historicists and not preterists.


koot van wyk


People think that Isaiah 13 is just about the Fall of Babylon in 539 BCE but that is not true at all. In fact two panels of two separate events are described by Isaiah the prophet in the years before the Fall of Samaria in 723 BCE. In vision he saw in the first section until verse 16 the Second Coming of Christ at the End of Time. We know that it is the Second Coming because the destruction that the Lord will bring is not over Babylon but over the whole earth. It is against he sinners. In the second panel from verses 17-22 is described the Fall of Babylon nearly 163 years before it really happened. Also a vision. But, notice that the ones that are brought to make Babylon fall, is not the Persians, or Cyrus the Great, but the Medes (see 13:5). Gobryas the Mede came first before Cyrus there and Isaiah saw it. Also Cyurs was to come and Isaiah saw that too. That was two years later in 538 BCE after the time of Gobryas who really was Darius the Mede mentioned in Daniel. We are living in the End Time right now and the countdown has started. The paradigm shift from Trump to Biden on the 6th of January will inaugurate the Time of Trouble like there never was. Not only in the USA but all over the world. Faithful people have nothing to fear because the climate troubles that is to come, the earthquakes, the pest and pestilences, are directed against the sinners and sinful kingdoms of the world. Do you know that the Vatican is also a kingdom? The current ideological shift of the papacy is also a paradigm shift from the past. The Great Reset at Dafos is a paradigm shift to come in May this year by K. Schwab. The South African Poet N. P. van Wyk Louw wrote an epic poem Raka about 70 or more years before. It is the story of Koki a captain of an African kraal or village surrounded by a thorn fence to keep the animals and other dangerous beasts out of the kraal. Everyday Koki told the women and children about the dangers out there outside the civilization fire of the kraal in the night of chaos where Raka is. Every night they could hear Raka the symbol of chaos sniffing around the fence of kraal of civilization. Then one day the children and women who went to the river at daytime to fetch water, left the gate open. The epic ended with Raka now in the kraal and chaos arriving in the kraal among civilization. Nature took over man and his technology. A paradigm shift of chaos arrived. We are living in this Time of Trouble of arrival of chaos in civilization. The prophets of the Bible provides the answers how to survive during chaos and especially the End Time chaos that Daniel 12:1 spoke of. Trump "came to his end and no one to help him" Daniel 11:45, just before Daniel 12:1. Enjoy Isaiah 13. Koot van Wyk