Two Pauls or Original Sin must be thrown away


All have read Romans 5:12 and most came to the conclusion from the Latin first, then English, German, French and other languages that Augustine was right, all are born with original sin and incapable of rendering perfect obedience.

Until, well until they come to Ephesians 2:1-10 and read about this longtime sin that all were trapped in, and learn that it is not the sin, it is the Prince of the Air or the Spirit in the evil transgressors that caused their minds to be mixed with their lusts and desires prompted and enticed and invited constantly to be tempted into sin. This was the problem. Was.

But, says Paul in Ephesians 2, God came to our rescue in Christ to grab us in Christ to the very right hand of God and suddenly by grace we are saved.

And that is it?

Yes. Said the Calvinists mainly. And the Lutherans. And the Baptists. And the Evangelical churches. The Penticostals. And some Adventists. But…

Paul is not finished and said that we need to look at Ephesians 2:10.

God ordained for us good works. Good works not of Christ, not of substitution, no “that we should walk in them”. That we, not Christ, but Christ in us together, by the Spirit of God, should walk in them.

And now suddenly original sin is under trouble. Either original sin prevent or original sin cannot prevent.

Either there are two Pauls or there are not original sin. But you cannot cling to both.

It is either the one or the other.

The answer is simple. Paul never said like Augustine took from the Old Latin translation reproduced in error by Jerome in 386 A.D. about the Greek. The Greek does not read everything the Latin translations put in and if they were left out as they should, the original sin doctrine would have never originated with Augustine maybe and all churches would not have been wrong on this doctrine.

Gone is the free license to sin because of the wrong understanding of the translation in Romans 5:12 that due to sin all men are dead and cannot render to God any perfect obedience. But, this is wrong.

Paul never said it. There are not two Pauls. Peter, Paul, John, Jesus, James all had the same message. Render to God the obedience that is necessary to thank Him for salvation so free. Perfect obedience as well. Unlimited, unreserved. No easy theology cooked up for sinners to continue in their sins. No. Not at all.

Church Father Anselm came to the Substitution of Christ and said that Christ took our guilt, our transgressions, our sins, our iniquity but Christ’s substitution does not include our actions. Christ does not cover our sanctification. Our actions is the obedience of faith that He is still asking from every believer.