The lesson was about Joseph and dysfunctional homes in modernity. I took my teaching of it from Wednesday section about the handsomeness of Joseph. His mother was maybe a very beautiful woman and Joseph resembled her. So Jacob was mentally reminded of his wife looking at him. Favoritism. Jealousy got him sold to Egypt. Potiphar's wife had the "just beauty-syndrome" which all have here in Korea. Even in the church there is a large mirror as you enter to look at your beauty and handsomeness before you enter. Students flash-flash through the smartphones to see the handsome k-pop singers. This syndrome have all of us hooked...or nearly all. except Joseph..who stretched out to grasp the Lord in his life and Genesis 39 says constantly...but the Lord was with him. So when temptation came his way he could run. But making our frames bigger we realize the Creator or R and D of beauty is Jesus. He made Lucifer, the most beautiful angel, before he fell as Isaiah 14:12-14 explains. When he came to Eden whom did he chose to reside in? The most beautiful of animals. Beauty is attracted to beauty...and so are we....but we need to be like Joseph with a grip of God's hand. When Joseph passed the temptation test God raised him to a higher level. So it could be for us.