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Studying Genesis in the series Lesson 6, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: "The Babel Coalition".

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God"

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---Abraham came back from Eygpt. The Famine stela was also published by Miriam Lichtheim. It dates to the time of the Ptolemees in Egypt.

---The Pharaoh at that time in 2185 BC was Neterkhet.

---The Famine Stela is Papyrus Vienna D 6319 and saying "I was mourning [crying] on my throne...In a period of seven years, grain was scant [no grain]. Kernels were dried up

Scarce was every kind of food

---"Every one was in distress" the Stela said.

---Sometime before 2161 BC and after 2185 BC Pharaoh Neterkhet ruled and the famine on the stela sounds the same as Genesis 12:10 "And there was famine in the land..."

---The years 2165-2153 was the time of Amraphel which is a Hebrew reading of Hammurabi, and earlier one than the great Law collector Hammurabi of 1790 BC.

---Scholars like Schrader suggested also that Amraphel is a semitic form of Hammurabi.

Why there is an -el at the end?

Because Mesopotamian writers placed [d = dingir = god] at the beginning of kings' names. Hebrews would translate it as -el because they read from right to left and [d] would be at their end.

---The geomorphology of Sodom and Gemorrah area at the Dead Sea was beautiful in 2153 BC. Genesis 13:10 "And a garden of the Lord".

---Five kings retired there in this "Beverly Hills" of Abraham and Lot's time.

Because Abraham lied in Egypt, colonization of Sodom and Gemorrah area came from Babylon.

Because of Ishmael in his life, Lot was arrested by this empire.

Amraphel started reign in 2162 BC. Minus 13 years and that is the year Lot was grabbed in 2149 BC.

Sodom and Gemorrah was destroyed after 2149 BC.

Ishmael was born within the colonization period by Amraphel = Hammurabi I of the beautiful Sodom and Gemorrah valley basin.

The Siddim Valley.