Taylor Marshall’s interpretation of Revelation 13 as new-Catholic Reconfirmationist

Taylor Marshall is a reconfirmation teacher, as he would like to see himself. In this video of his made in October 22, 2016, he set out to describe to people Revelation 13.

He almost got it right, but suddenly got stuck.

He got stuck with the Jews and the Highpriest of the Jews and Nero, Caesar etc. This is unfortunately not true, because the Little Horn of Daniel 7, was after the fourth beast, which Marshall do identify, bless his heart as Catholic, with Pagan Rome. He said it explicitly.

But, Pagan Rome, Marshall did not tell his audience, came to an end, for some, in 476 AD but in my understanding and research, in 538 AD exactly when Justinian on his numismatics (coins) declared for all to see, that he is no longer a Soldier holding a lance, but a Theologian holding the cross!

The Holy Roman Empire started. Now you get closer to the Little Horn. Remember “after”.

Marshall forgot. Did not see or did not want to see. If he is a reconfirmationist, which sees Pope Francis as an Antichrist, and he does, and Vatican II as a sellout to Reformed theology (72 Protestant Theologians attending, also the Doctor Vater of Hans LaRondelle, G. Berkhouwer) and Marshall does, then he wants to turn the clock back to pre-1798 catholicism. Good old Adventism will tell you that is placing his wishes within the boundaries of 1260 years between 538 AD and 1798 when the pope received a “deadly wound” see Revelation 13 for a time and recover in our times.

But Marshall missed this, because he got derailed in the New Testament with Nero and the Caesars.

Andreas Helviticus (Helwig) was the first person to discover that 600+60+6 is the number vicarius filii dei in Roman letters adding up but happen to be the very title of the papacy. This was in 1610, also published in 1618 and 1630.

Marshall has a spiritualizing method of interpretation (one of his fans wrote to him to thank him for that) and also works with the Trinity concept in Revelation 13, dragon, Beast and False Prophet as many spiritualizing interpreters are doing, even in our church.

A good start but unfortunately a sitting down and no willingness to move forward in history with historicism. We call his method, preterism. Spiritualizing preterism. Thanks.



Dr. Taylor Marshall, “Revelation Ch.13 The Sea Beast, Land Beast, & Mark of the Beast (Catholic Apocalypse Part 8)” Downloaded from Youtube on the 7th of May, 2022 from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wo91rbp44Xc