Current Religious and Philosophical threads behind Putin’s Agenda?


Everyone already knows about the philosopher Alexandr Dugin and his ideas that serves a soundboard to Putin’s thinking. They share the same values and hopes and dreams. It includes the current “Agenda” of Moscow.

But in the video mentioned below, the Russian Orthodox Church is also shown to be an ingredient in the recipe of Putin.

Istanbul Russian Orthodox congregation and Italy (Udin church) as well, separates May 2022 from the official Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow over the war in Ukraine.

There are about 100 million Russian Orthodox believers.

Arch-Patriarch Kirill in Moscow is their top church-leader. Scholars express in this video that Kirill has grown too close to the government. They feel personally that the church and government needs to stay separate.

Andrey Anitsyn, who's from Moscow agrees with his parish's split. The patriarch Kiril got too close to the government. He feels the church should be independent. "I believe that the church is the main supplier of the ideology, Putin's ideology." he said.

Father Cyrill Hovorun was ordained by Kirill and Kirill was his theological advisor until 2012.

He said that this war has a simple formula: war = to guns plus ideas. And the guns of course were supplied by the Kremlin and the ideas come from the church.

Father Cyrill believes Putin sees this war as a sacred operation, "a mission from God to purge the world from, you know, impurity of the western ideas and western values.

He believes that the church has created the ideology underpinning the war.

Cyrill continued "Well, actually when I was working in the Moscow Patriarchate I was witnessing how this ideology was emerging and I protested against that."

The video narrator said that "In soviet times priests were pushed to keep the spy service informed and it's widely believed that Kirill was in the KGB".

Cyrill is skeptical about that and said that "Kirill was never enthusiastic about it. Which created friction with Putin. That is why we are talking about the marriage of convenience and not the marriage of love," Cyrill continued.

Cyrill felt that they tolerated each other [Kirill and Putin] because they use the skills, the charisma and possibly these resources of each other.

Each one for his own end.

Sergei Chapnin says that the resources are vast. He worked for Kirill. He says that there are rough estimates that he is definitely a billionaire.

Chapnin thinks that Kirill is one of Putin's oligarchs.

Chapnin sees Russia's Orthodox Church as a state propaganda machine, spreading Putin's message as the defender of conservative values against a morally corrupt west.

Chapnin thinks that the expansionist ambitions of Kirill even exceed those of Putin. The main motivation of Patriarch Kirill is actually power and influence.

Chapnin thinks that because of the war, he is actually losing it.

Before the war Ukraine had many Russian Orthodox Churches loyal to Moscow. Now hundreds of Ukrainian parishes have broken away in protest. This is not easy to do in Russia.



Youtube: “Russian Orthodox leader's support of war divides church.”