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Studying In the Crucible with Christ in the series Lesson 8, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: "Seeing the Invisible not digitally”.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God"

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---Moses is our focus of the lesson today. The Bible says that while in the Wilderness in the Book of Exodus, the Lord appeared to him in a burning bush in 1450 AD and he saw the Invisible God.

---He endured the wrath of the Pharaoh. That Pharaoh was Thutmosis III the illegitimate son of a streetwoman Iset whom Hatshepsut’s husband, Thutmosis II had while she was still very young, about 18 years old.

---Their marriage was almost destroyed. But when Thutmosis III was born, here comes Moses to the palace as his mother promised to do. Hatshepsut, the daughter of Thutmosis I, her father, found Moses in a basket in the Nile at the age of 6 years old. Too young to be his mother. She was born in 1536 BC. Moses in 1530 BC.

---Then when Moses killed the Egyptian while he was a favorite of Hathsepsut in the palace, when he killed him in 1490 BC, Hatshepsut was mainly in control of the throne but due to her mother Ahmose Thutmosis III was her favorite and he became associated with her near the throne.

---Thutmosis III married the daughter of Hatshepsut because he lacked the royal blue blood to be pharaoh.

---He hated Moses because Moses was favored by Hatshepsut.

---Where is the wrath of the Pharaoh that Hebrews is talking about?

---Not with Hatshepsut in 1490 BC when Moses ran for Midian.

---He did not fear Thutmosis III because Hatshepsut was stronger in the palace at that time.

---During Moses stay in Midian “during that long period the king of Egypt died” was the death of Hatshepsut. Now Thutmosis III became the sole ruler of Egypt.

---Hathsepsut built the great temple at Deir el Behari west of the Temple of Karnak. The Karnak priests favored Thutmosis III.

---Thutmosis III was in Gaza when he heard of Hatshepsut’s death and he jumped on a horse and for four days he rode non-stop to Karnak in a hurry. Scared that Moses may be chosen?

---Hatshepsut died of poisoning of her skin by lotion that she was using. They found the lotion and analyzed the contents and found that there was too high a content of a certain metal that led to skin cancer.

---The wrath of Thutmosis III is applicable because Thutmosis III went 16 times to Canaan and Syria to maybe looked for Moses. But not to Midian where Moses was safely. Did he look for Moses? Was Moses his greatest fear?

---Thutmosis III started to erase the cartouches (seals) of Hatshepsut from documents and inscriptions. He was trying to erase her from history. But modern scholars can see that.

---He had a psychological handicap that he was illegitimate and his opposition maybe was the priests of the Temple of Deir el Behari? The Karnak priests wrote all his 16 campaigns on the Karnak temple (the media of those days!).

---Through all this, Moses did not fear. And the Invisible God Who inspired him to write in 1460 BC the book of Job and Psalm 90 called him then to go back to Thutmosis III to appear in front of him. Result? Moses said that he cannot speak well. Moses was well-educated in Egypt and Egyptian language but…

---Today we can be inspired by Moses not to fear Thutmosis III and chose to be linked to Jesus because Hebrews 11 also says that he saw the Christ.

---Let us grab our hardcopy Bibles and hymnals and instead of been distracted by digital devices committing digital sins, let us clean our focus on Sabbath by not doing what we do during the week: flash data, flash data, flash data, flash God-less, flash God-less, flash atheistic, flash agnostic! Not Moses who saw the Invisible God. Also us today.