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Studying In the Crucible with Christ in the series Lesson 8, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: "Putting everything in Jesus care”.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God"

The Sabbath School Quarterly, downloadable from in the Teacher's Edition is on page 100 and for the laymen edition or Standard Edition, on page 66.

The site allows anyone, anywhere to read the lesson in their own language. Choose your own language to see God speaking also to your heart.

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---To ask something in Jesus’ Name. That is the topic today.

---Jesus promise to do anything for the disciples what they ask in His Name. From heaven where He was going.

---He is divine God, Lord, Yahweh if you please, with the everlasting Father.

---Jesus plead for us, the Father gives the gifts and the Holy Spirit dwells in us keeping a personal eye on us. What more do a human need?

---We cannot afford praying or thinking or silently talking in our thoughts to God. Talking to Jesus who knows humans personally.

---The whole heaven is available at merely a sigh from our side to Him.

---Sigh. “Jesus help”. Merely have you started to use the J and the E when angels are already at your disposal. The Spirit in you is also God, Lord, Yahweh and powerful. He acts DBA for Christ “doing business as”.

---Binity will not help. It is not just the Father and the Son period. Any member of the Trinity, if we have one of them we have all three.

---Dwight Nelson preached a sermon in Pioneer Memorial Church on the 21st of March 2021 in a covid screening. Pioneer was empty! Historical.

---But he pointed out that you cannot have the Spirit without Jesus or Jesus without the Spirit. One must add also the Father because in the Lord’s prayer you say “Our Father…”

---People live with agnostic and atheistic attitudes. They love entertainment, games and movies. But it is empty or void of meaning.

---They adopt the “secular theology” and “secular values” spitted out by the one-liners in games and videos.

---Did you know that games create e-soldiers? Games are militaristic and violent propellers to the brain. The 50 Islam people killed in New Zealand by the gunman years ago….his grandmother said that he played too many games on computer. Now you know.

---Listen to the audio of games. Stop and think what they say: militaristic words like “run”, “stop”, “shoot”, “that way”, “watch out”. You play this for hours and that is all that is on your psychic. A potential soldier just waiting to have a real gun. And mothers give it to their children!

---Years ago in Denmark? In a park, a gunman killed 70 people. Cause? Games. They found out later.

---Game-rooms is the e-army where e-soldiers and also e-killers are bred. Satan is very satisfied with his soft-core training. It just wait for a hard-core moment to happen.

---That is why we need to get back to Jesus immediately in our lives. The brain is a baby that needs to be fed, and kept in care.