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Studying In the Crucible with Christ in the series Lesson 8, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: "Resurrection of Christ and the Father’s interest in us”.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God"

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---In verse 18 of Ephesians 1, Paul says that it is the heart (kardia) that is enlightened. The Spirit of God gave the sinner a new heart at rebirth. It is the spiritual relationship with the Lord aspect of the believer. Your spiritual life is enlightened. It includes body, spirit and mind. The Holy Spirit dwells in all. Christ is all in all.

---It is the Father that Paul is introducing to us here.

---When you were called to repent, the Father has a hope about you.

---All are called but not all responded positively. Those who respond positively are the riches of His glory. Riches because they are precious for Him.

---Why? In the Investigative Judgment God is under attack but also the saints and Christ and the overcoming saints are the witnesses to His infinite glory and kindness.

---The saints receive His inheritance. The whole universe can see the reaction and transformation and overcoming of the saints after they accepted Christ in their lives.

---Verse 19 says that we experience as believers the greatness of the power of God the Father unto us. How? According to the working of His power of His might in us and of that all of us have stories to tell, daily.

---We read the Scriptures, listened to the sermons and read the Desire of Ages to see the how the Father raised Jesus from the dead on Sunday morning early and brought Christ unto Himself. He brought Him to the heavenly [sanctuary]. The literal Greek reads “in the heavenlies”. But it is not just the word heaven, there is a preposition “upon” attached to the word. It is a specific location in mind here and that we know is the place of dwelling which is the sanctuary in heaven.

---The reality of a sanctuary in heaven is denied by the Newbold professor J-C. Verrechia but affirmed by A. Treiyer. Both studied at Strassbourg. The one accepted the truths of the Bible and the other rejected it. When Treiyer came to Strassbourg he told Verrechia that he came to study why non-Adventists cannot accept the view of a heavenly sanctuary in heaven of Adventists and then to find a way to show them. Verrechia said that he does not believe in a heavenly sanctuary and came to disprove it! Who was selected to teach at Newbold? Verrechia! And students left the truth because of him as their emails are showing. It is a serious matter in the eyes of God when one tries to teach theology by denying the Bible. E. Heppenstall, D. Ford and G. Phandl taught that they do not accept the furniture and divisions of the sanctuary in heaven but a throne and glory around it as sanctuary they accepted. They denied Revelation’s exact descriptions of the heavenly sanctuary! How many people are walking around with the same nonsense ideas of these teachers in the past! God does not want us to be deceived. He gave us the revelation of Himself in the Word of God. All this was written because of the special word epouranois used by Paul “heavenlies”. Sorry.

---Christ was exalted unimaginable for us. He became the center of all centers Paul says in verse 21. He completed the goals of the Trinity as they planned before history started.

---In verse 22 The Father did and is going to place everything under Christ and make Him the head of all. The Father, just like the Holy Spirit is immensely humble. Countries on earth and their rulers fight their whole lives to retain their power of rule and never intend to give it up. It has to be pulled away from them by opposing forces. Cases of this giving power to the opposite is rare in history of mankind. I know of at least one case.

---In verse 23 Christ is a glorified human body and with the Holy Spirit indwelling in all humans available He is filling all parts of the body and soul and mind of all people. How foolish people are!