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Studying In the Crucible with Christ in the series Lesson 8, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: "Ellen White mentioning opposing influences around us in Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson In the Crucible with Christ”.

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---“Faith grows strong by coming in conflict with doubts and opposing influences. The experience gained in these trials is of more value than the most costly jewels.”—Ellen G. White, Testimonies for the Church, vol. 3, p. 555

---Opposing influences. I read last night the bookreview by a Catholic becoming a Seventh-day Adventists and then becoming Dean of Andrews University of a European scholar who had an opposing view of the nature of Christ than himself. The human nature.

---The one in Europe wrote a book how Christ was seen by our pioneers as totally  human.

---After all, did not Hebrews 4:15 says that “He was in all points tempted as we are…” How all is all? Like Adam before the fall or Adam after the fall?

---Andrews professor said before the fall in morals but after the fall in body. European scholar said both moral and body was after the fall. Why? Hebrews 4:15.

---Who is right? Pioneers looked at this discussion in their days and talked like the European scholar. The Andrews professor knew it and mentioned it. He admitted the European scholar was right.

---Here is a conflict with doubts in each other and opposing influences. Who is right?

---The Andrews professor criticize the European scholar that he did not look at Ellen White statements enough and that although she has many texts showing that Christ is like us to show us as example how we also can keep the law fully, yet…

---Yet, the Andrews professor continued…yet there are other data from Ellen White like the Baker Letter, that emphasize that Christ is different than us.

---Got the point? Christ the same as us = European scholar. Christ is different than us = Andrews professor.

---The Adam after the Fall-Christ advocates presented much publications looking at the Baker Letter and found that Ellen White did not emphasize that Christ took Adam’s Unfallen nature.

---In counter, the Adam before the Fall-Christ advocates collected as much as they could find about Christ took Adam’s Unfallen nature.

---So in the book review, he said the European scholar did a good work to show a paradigm shift in Adventism created by LeRoy Froom in the 1950’s and upheld by Reformed influenced scholars at Andrews since then…meaning that Korean pastors who studied at Andrews University, not aware of this dispute, swallowed the onesided view and think it is the biblical view.

---It is a philosophical Calvinistic view but it is not necessarily the view of our Pioneers and most of Ellen White’s statements.

---So what is the answer then? If Christ could keep the law 100% and as our example came to show us with enabling grace how to keep the law 100%, can we overcome all sins? Yes.

---No, says the catholic-turned SDA dean of Andrews University, we cannot due to the infirmities and inclinations we have after conversion still…Yes you can says Ellen White statements, if you devote yourself fully to the Lord you discard worldliness and every single habit and inclination can be overcome.

---Overcome? No never until Jesus comes, said the Andrews University professor. Since the paradigm shift they said that full overcoming is not possible. They follow Luther here who said that the saint is both sinner and saint in one until Jesus comes.

---Luther had not Last Generation Theology. That is why he said it. He was Salvation 1.1 but Adventism of Ellen White and the Pioneers was Salvation 4.1. Extra light was shown.

---Extra light? Yes, like the concept of a mobile throne of God in heaven (4.1), rather than a static one like (1.1) has. Like the reading of the Bible topics not with allegorical glasses like (1.1) did but with analogical glasses like (4.1) did in 1844. Like a proper understanding of the Sanctuary in heaven realism like (4.1) discovered in 1844 but which (1.1) knows nothing about.

---The European scholar in his book complains about the shift in 1950’s to 1.1 style and fashion whereas our pioneers and most of Ellen White’s statements supports 4.1 overcoming abilities with enabling grace.

---Opposing influences. One who also saw this shift during the 1950’s wrote a book called “The Fork in the road”. What fork when? Exactly as explained here.

---Why do we have parachutes groups? Most of them complain about 1950’s.

---The Bible do say that Christ is the same as us 100% but He is also different. Why different? He is divine and we are not.

---The Bible says that Christ was perfect Who had no sin. We do. So can we also be perfect? Apparently yes. Henoch, Noah, Job, David was called “perfect” by the Holy Spirit who inspired the whole Bible.

---Stop. Why does the Andrews professor still claim Adam’s Unfallen nature for the morals and Adam’s Fallen nature for body. Is it the “catholic” influences still lurking in him via Augustine who taught original sin invented doctrine, a sin that cannot be removed only by infant baptism, or still lurking after conversion like Luther taught making it a hybrid?

---So the challenge today is for us to find the truth as given by Scripture and Ellen White’s leading to that Scripture and shun philosophical or 1.1 inroads to 4.1 Salvation Adventism.