The morning Manna will be provided at 6am. Thanks.

Studying In the Crucible with Christ in the series Lesson 13, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart. 

The Topic today is: "God suffering in Christ and because of Sin" in Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson In the Crucible with Christ.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God"

The Sabbath School Quarterly, downloadable from in the Teacher's Edition is on page 166 and for the laymen edition or Standard Edition, on page 107.

The site allows anyone, anywhere to read the lesson in their own language. Choose your own language to see God speaking also to your heart.

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---The way to salvation was going to be through the valley of suffering. That was what the Trinity knew after Adam and Eve sinned.

---That is what Paul is experiencing and that is what he lays out for us to suffer as well now for the wonderful then coming. He said that in Philippians 1:29 and also in 2 Timothy 3:12.

---Sometimes people suffer for their own problems but sometimes for that of others. What it means is that a mother is suddenly in hospital so that the worrying children can start praying for her recovery so that they can turn to God after forsaking Him. Does that make sense?

---Just when our family heard our mother is coming out of the hospital for gall-stones and recovering well, she contracted COVID. No fever though.

---Why? Well the brothers who left the SDA truth in which they were baptized years ago, and God need them returning to faith in Him.

---Christ had to suffer. There was no other way. Satan was going to make sure He suffers.

---We are protected against the destructive powers of Satan. When the Time of Trouble is pending and happening, faithful people have nothing to fear.

---Destruction is going to be against the wicked. The Bible is clear about that.

---There are many floods and the El-Nino weather surprises are all over the globe and rains flood the desert and all strange and unheard places.

---Are we to think that the continuous shelling and explosions over Ukraine by Putin is unleashing magnetic disturbances of the earth’s magnetic field, that affects North and South Pole weather patterns and causes all the disasters of rain storms that hits countries left right and center now? When the war started in Ukraine I was actually trying to see what is the relationship with weather disasters between 1939 and 1945 with the Second World War! And then super-typhoons kept coming.

---During the Time of Trouble worldwide, plaques, wars, floods, earthquakes are going to keep coming everyone bigger than before. For the wicked.

---There is a quiet place close to the heart of God.

---A beautiful explanation of this is the song by Fountainview singers at the Youth Congress by a Korean singer.