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Studying Death, Dying and Future Hope in the series Lesson 1, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: "Lucifer becoming Satan in Ezechiel 28 wrapped around the king of Tyre in Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Death, Dying and Future Hope”.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God"

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---“Sin is a mysterious, unexplainable thing. There was no reason for its existence; to seek to explain it is to seek to give a reason for it, and that would be to justify it. Sin appeared in a perfect universe, a thing that was shown to be inexcusable.”—Ellen G. White, The Truth About Angels, p. 30.

---Ezechiel 28 is about Tyre but in the genre of the Fall of Cities. It was very common to connect the Fall of any major Urban center to the impact and relationship that city had with the gods, good or bad.

---It was with Ur and its fall in 2004 BC as well. The gods were upset. The Elamites and desert people invaded Ur and a paradigm shift came in that year. The end of a Sumerian empire. The end of the Ur III period.

---But intertwined with Tyre as it is later also with Babylon is a “whore” as far as relations with God is concerned. Just as a certain church will be deceptive and misleading many faithful people and persecute the faithful for 1260 years I Revelation, so in Ezechiel the R&D of this whole process is described and wrapped around the king of Tyre.

---Lucifer and the reality of his Rebellion in Heaven is outlined for us here.

---It is a mystery how it could have happened with a perfect being.

---But it did. Karl Barth was a great theologian who studied at Catholic Theological seminaries but adopted Calvinistic readings and became a game-changer in the 1930-1980’s in Protestantism.

---He emphasized Christ. But…he denied the Rebellion in Heaven reality.

---He wrote his theology without Satan involved! A red card.

---Even though Ellen White said it is a mystery, her first chapters in Patriarch and Prophets explain very clearly how this great evil started in heaven.

---Self-deception is when one thinks that one is not sinning, but later by Bible reading discovers that it is not true. The fundamentals in one’s thinking are laced with sin! That should change. Start immediately.

---The Holy Spirit will guide one from text to text and day to day to “discover” the imperfections in one’s thinking and overcoming becomes a reality and joy.

---Satan was not willing to make that change in his life.

---He will have to die and be exterminated for it.

---But we can live in Christ Who died and was killed by Satan for us.