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Studying Death, Dying and Future Hope in the series Lesson 1, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: "Dubious methods of Lucifer’s Propaganda in Heaven in Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Death, Dying and Future Hope”.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God"

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---Revelation 12:8 said that due to the war in heaven that Lucifer caused there was no longer space for him and his angels in heaven and a third of the angels and Lucifer becoming Satan was thrown out and send to this earth.

---But, as Job 1 teaches us, Satan had access to heaven still until the cross when he killed Christ. Then he could no longer enter heaven.

---Did he have chances or opportunities to repent and be converted and changed? 4000 plus years of it.

---Did he change? Patriarchs and Prophets said that the soft voice of Christ pleaded with Lucifer not to take his course, and for a single moment he hesitated and wanted to consider, but brushed it away then. He hardened his heart and thoughts.

--- Lucifer had a momentary conversion. For a fleeting moment, says Johan Japp (1976 at Helderberg College, South Africa) Lucifer in this bowing event before Christ lost his spirit of anger and love filled his whole being and his soul was also in harmony with all.

But anger returned because:

1. he thought of his own beauty

2. he desire supreme power

3. he hated Christ

--- Lucifer was moving away from the nearness of God.  

The result of Lucifer moving away from his nearness to God was:

1. he sowed a spirit of doubt among the angels

2. he worked secretly

3. he pretended to be loyal superficially

The result is that he achieved his goal:

1. doubt in the law of God

2. that they should trust in themselves and that they are not sinful

3. that they should doubt God

4. that they should consider a take over


---Freedom of Fallen Angels Ended.  

Japp (1976) indicated that the freedom of the fallen angels ended:

1. they have now an absolute ruler

2. there was an imbalance of respect and authority

The position and authority of Christ is unchangeable. Lucifer with his veneer of respect and loyalty misguided the angels.

1. he made a misrepresentation of the purpose of God

2. he insisted that they should give expression of their feelings

3. he suggested a change in order

4. he aimed at rebellion but ascertain them of loyalty

Result: Angels were divided into two camps:

1. Those dissatisfied and appreciative of Lucifer.

2. Those who were loyal to God and appreciative of Him. The Loyal angels could see the terrible results of this disunity.

--- Method of Deceit

Japp pointed to six different aspects about the method of Lucifer in heaven:

a. he operated with a skin deep veneer (pretense) of respect for God

b. that an angel can live without sin

c. that he will be a liberation fighter for the angels and that he will fight for their rights

d. doubt

e. disunity was blamed on God

f. blamed the loyal angels of recklessness

--- Results of his methods

1. Doubt and dissatisfaction and disunity.

2. Heavenly joy was broken.

3. Angels desired also the place of Christ.

--- Last Divine Attempts

Loyal angels talked to Lucifer and tried to show him that his dissatisfaction is without ground.

Lucifer knew he was wrong.

-- Unchangeable attitude

Pride prevented Lucifer to return and change.

He interpreted the longsuffering of God wrongly.

During the decision time there are two poles, on one side loyalty and on the other rebellion. Pride prevented him from turning back.

The Trinity pleaded but Lucifer interpreted it wrongly and became Satan.

--- Loyal Angels spoke to Deceived Angels

The loyal angels spoke to those who are listening to Lucifer and indicated that Lucifer is already lost. The sinful angels claimed that God cannot be righteous and forgive and that they will resort to violence.

Loyalist tried to convert the rebels.

They pointed out that God is merciful with Lucifer, loving, just, and these two aspects can convince Lucifer of his sins.

Lucifer called the Loyalist or Loyal Angels "slaves".

--- Lucifer publically rejected Christ

Japp (1976) indicated that Lucifer declared in public and openly:

1. that he will not acknowledge Christ

2. that he has a claim to be respected

3. that he wants to create a council for his followers

4. that he promises a better and improved situation of rights.

--- Loyal Angels pleaded

Loyalists pleaded and explained what the end is without conversion.

Some Rebel angels desired to be loyal.

Lucifer declared that the rebels are now to far from God.

In this phase, Satan was lost but the Rebels still had some change, according to Japp (1976).

---Why did God not immediately eradicate them?

Japp (1976) indicated that there are four reasons why God did not eradicate sin immediately:

1. Love of the Father for Lucifer.

2. Freedom of worship. The high premium of a free will.

3. Unmasking of Lucifer through time and deeds in history.

4. Proof of the righteousness of God.

5. Lucifer was an influential cherub and the Loyal Angels did not know this leads to rebellion

--- Satan accused the loyal angels

1. He indicated that they are indifferent to the real problem.

2. He used subtle arguments.

3. He worked secretly.

4. He had artistic diplomacy and brinkmanship.

5. Used his high position to obtain more power.

--- Satan had an advantage over God in propaganda

Japp (1976) indicated that Satan had an advantage above God since he can use propaganda but God only uses truth.

1. God only uses truth and justice.

2. Satan praise and deceived.

3. God demonstrate the justice of the Law of God.

4. God loves the Loyal Angels and felt deeply touched by Satan and the others.

5. God does not want a worship out of fear.

6. God worked with Foreknowledge, Election, Predestination and Rescue plans.

--- Sources: EGW Patriarch and Prophets; EGW Desire of Ages; Bible on Ezechiel 28, Isaiah 14 and related passages.

--- The Lord cannot act foul only righteous

“the Lord is righteous in all His ways, and holy in all His works” (Psalm


“clouds and darkness are round about Him: righteousness and judgment are the

foundation of His throne.” Psalm 97:2,

---God does not have any iniquity

“His work is perfect: for all His ways are judgment: a God of truth and

without iniquity, just and right is He.” Deuteronomy 32:4.