Why ESG is a dangerous tool for Adventism?


Adventism is all about a total approach lifestyle. Its’ philosophy from its beginning was the total human being, not just parts of it. It was about IQ + EQ + SQ (spiritual aspect).

It involves the body, mind and spirit education, worship and lifestyle.

It refuses eating harmful foods like swine, seafood, Mollusca and other listed bad food of Leviticus 11 and which Peter admitted that he did not eat after the cross in Acts 10.

So Adventism develop the true ESG from 1844 until present. For those who are Bible keeping and Spirit of Prophecy updated.

But there are inroads into Adventism of a Trojan horse of Liberalism that wants to borrow from the false ESG of the world and introduce it to our system of Education all over the world.

It is the ESG system well described on Wikipedia.


“ESG (Environmental, social, and corporate governance) is a framework designed to be integrated into an organization's strategy to create enterprise value by expanding the organizational objectives to include the identification, assessment and management of sustainability-related risks and opportunities in respect to all organizational stakeholders (including but not limited to customers, suppliers and employees) and the environment.[1]

1.     Environmental aspect: focuses on preserving the natural world. Examples of topics addressed include climate changegreenhouse gas emissionsbiodiversity lossdeforestation, pollution, energy efficiency and water management.

2.     Social aspect: focuses on people and relationships include working to support gender and diversity, equity, and inclusion[2] movements in addition to enhancing customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

3.     Governance aspect: focuses on moving beyond how organizations have been typically governed in the past and enhance corporate governance. Examples of specific topics include board composition, cybersecurity practices, management structureexecutive compensationpreventing bribery and corruption.”

So what is the problem for the future of our church with this “system” or “tool” and tool it is because it is used currently by left-wing politics and socialistic inclined philosophies. But, all for self-gain, self-service, self-enrichment finally.

It is a mask hiding the falsehood of the system. It has a veneer of truth coated over the outside, but inside it is like Christ said, dead bones.

1.     Those who focus on saving the earth with Environmental philosophies and agendas ignore the prophetic prediction of the prophets and Christ of Last Generation Theology. Last Generation disasters that will come all over the world.

2.     They ignore the End-time scenario of earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, dry conditions, migrations, plaques, famines, pests, wars, rumors of war. All listed by Christ in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21.

3.     They ignore the increase of corruption listed by Paul in Timothy and his other epistles. To happen in the last days.

4.     So there are Adventists at our Institutions at Loma Linda who threw away Last Generation Theology and said that Ellen White may not be right what she said about the future in Great Controversy. The one who said it is teaching pastors since 1990.

5.     But there are also true Adventists who believe in health of the body, health of the mind and health of the spiritual life. No smoking, drinking of alcohol and pig eating in any form of manner.

6.     They keep the Sabbath rest of 24 hours on the proper day God wants them to do it, Saturday and not one encouraged by the Pope and Constantine the Great in 312 AD, die solis, the day of the sungod, Sunday.

7.     For true Adventists the keeping of the cleanliness of the environment is personally a must. In the house, in the yard, in the city.

8.     Spirit of Prophecy dealt with all aspects of society that contemporary ESG wants to address.

9.     What is the problem here? Secular society is agnostic, atheistic, nihilistic, humanistic and try to create a heaven on earth without God. That is secular theology. ESG is a secular theology systematic theological tool.

10. It takes what is already in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy of Adventism, and by changing three or four items in the listing, try to give the world the same benefits of true religion, only this time with false religion.

11. Why false? Because under Social aspects or [S] gender means diversity and inclusion and equality to the point that it is anti-biblical, in favor of lesbianism, in favor of homosexuality, transgender acceptance, bisexualism, gay objectives and actions.

12. Follow the links in Wikipedia and they will take you to the USA government guidelines regarding these matters, like gender preference. It listed all these things condemned by the Bible whether the Old or New Testament.

13. Thus, to follow or link up with the contemporary ESG agencies is to link up with a secular, non-biblical cult that looks like Adventism but with a mask hiding the anti-biblical notions built in it.

14. Paul in Romans tells us what our relationship should be with those who are put above us and who admin us. The Bible and Spirit of Prophecy is clear on principles regarding this matter. But [G] in this system described by Wikipedia, is about control of the boards by political pulling of strings. It is about punitive measures against those who differ with their satanic system built into truth to make it skew. The skewness enter Adventism then through the uncritical embrazing of this tool by the Admin or its leaders.

15. It will be better for Sahmyook University and other Universities of our church to pull out of this so-called tool. 

Source: ESG on Wikipedia