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Studying On Death Dying and the Future Hope in the series Lesson 2, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: "Truth Matters although Satan says that Truth is Relative" for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson On Death Dying and the Future Hope.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God"

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---Satan disguised himself in the snake and Ellen White made it plain as it is implicit in the text of the Bible, that the snake and feet to walk with and also wings to fly.

---As we said before about the Tomb of Thutmosis III who died as pharaoh of the Exodus on that morning in the Red Sea, the scribes and artisans of the tomb drew on the large wall walking talking and winged snakes. Ten years after Moses wrote this report of Adam and Eve and the snake in Genesis 3. Moses wrote in 1460 BC in Midian Genesis and the Exodus was in 1450 BC in March.

---Satan countered the words of God that one will not die after sinning or eating the fruit.

---Satan sinned and was not killed immediately, but he does not know that the Grace of God gave him and his angels some chance to repent and be converted.

---So living after sinning, he spread the wrong conception of the immortality of the soul. Nearly all false religions and denominations are operating with this idea.

---Plato visited Egypt and Palestine and came back to Greece and wrote his book The Republic and in chapter 12 he explained the Immortality of the Soul concept, plagiarized from Egypt with their concept of the Immortality of the Ka or soul.

---Greece got their concept of the immortality of the soul from Egyptian theology.

---Christians in the early centuries after the Bible was written took over Plato’s ideas and swallowed the concept of the Immortality of the Soul.

---The Reformers also clung to this concept.

---Adventists are living with the soul-sleep theology of the Bible and not that of heathen borrowed products.

---Not all education is fine to study. Unless the brain is in constant mode of sifting and selecting with a Bible and Spirit of Prophecy in the hand as microscope, one cannot properly study at secular universities, and some religious ones too.

---Rationalism and Relativism made inroads into the truth and Equality and Equity philosophies in the absolute which embrace evil, has destroyed the truth of the Bible.

---Unless a person is an Adventist proper biblically and Spirit of Prophecy guided, many false ideas will find their way into the epistemology of the student and that may lead to problems for the university that hires this graduated person as lecturer at our institutions.