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Studying On Death Dying and the Future Hope in the series Lesson 11, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: "Rock and Roll Mysticism Events instead of Rock of Ages cleft for me in Church as Endtime Deception for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson On Death Dying and the Future Hope.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God".

The Sabbath School Quarterly, downloadable from in the Teacher's Edition is on page 138 and for the laymen edition or Standard Edition, on page 89.

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---This week's lesson focuses on the role of a phenomenon that is found in all religions.

---Judaism experienced Mysticism as a phenomenon and preaching became "counting words", playing with numbers in the biblical text, finding the middle, beginning to create a doctrine of not what is in the text but in chiastic structures that are superimposed from the individual onto the text. Described by Gershom Scholem in his book.

---Then Mysticism affected Catholics, Protestants and there are some who want to bring it into Adventism.

---A definition of Mysticism is given by Alberto Timm as:

a. complex term

b. a variety of ideas are brought together

c. It means the feeling of a union of the individual with the Divine.

d. In Worship experiences there should then be a "religious trance" the moment the Holy Spirit enters the worship.

e. Pentecostalism and raising arms in church and movement-tricks and acoustic-tricks are part of modern Mysticism.

f. How do you recognize it? The Bible is replaced by feelings and taste.

g. Doctrines are not important any longer only the Person of Christ.

---Stop. Says Timm. This subjective experience focus of doctrine over passion with passion more important is a dangerous form of worship.

---The personal feelings are considered more important than what the Revelation of God packed in the suitcase of the Written Word of God or Bible.

---It is ontology over epistemology.

---Many modern theologians write their theology from ontology. Man is the center of theology and from man and his/her thinking, "truth" starts. Not from an outside Source like the "Written Word of God".

---If any book you read teaches this, you know that it is countering the Word of God.

---If any pastor delivers a sermon this way, you know that there are problems.

---Listen to Timm, "Personal feelings and taste end up being the criteria for interpreting the Scriptures or even for rejecting outright what the Bible clearly teaches, often about obedience to God, which as Jesus said is so essential to building one’s house on the rock."

---Is it Jesus His Person vs Doctrines? Is it Faith rather than Doctrines? "No". Says Edward Heppenstall, the Adventist Systematic Theologian. "Doctrines is the systemization of a living faith". Faith comes from a systemization of doctrines.

---The Spirit spread the "doctrinal system" out over the rest of the Bible. How? It is like someone carrying a bundle of papers on a subject and the whole bundle of organized thoughts fell to the floor and is lying all over the room. By picking them up, one by one and putting them in order for one to get the whole picture again. That is what the Spirit gave us in the Word of God.

---Otherwise it will be boring. The Holy Spirit is very smart in this. Do you not agree?

---Search and you will understand, Jesus said.

---Jesus said that those who cast out demons were doing it in His name!

---To say that it does not matter What you believe but Who you believe is one of Satan's Endtime deceptions.

---“The position that it is of no consequence what men believe is one of Satan’s most successful deceptions. He knows that the truth, received in the love of it, sanctifies the soul of the receiver; therefore he is constantly seeking to substitute false theories, fables, another gospel.”—Ellen G. White, The Great Controversy, p. 520.

---Next time when singers in front of the church beg you to raise your hands and swing, or shout Hallelujah or raise your hands to give you a warm feeling in worship, think again about the word "Mysticism".

---Is this clear to you?

---Guard against "monkey tricks" in worship style.

---The true worship is quiet, speaking of the Holy Spirit through His Word (Romans 8:26).