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Studying Managing for the Master until He comes in the series Lesson 5 may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: "Debt to the point of bankrupt and what to do for Morning Manna in the Sabbath School Series Managing for the Master until He comes

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God"

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---Deuteronomy 28:1 further and 12 gives the news of a God Who is willing to supply our pockets with the income we need, provided we follow His commands in the Word.

---Because debt is sin in secular theology and payment of all debt is salvation of the same, therefore people feel when they secured all their payments of debt they are now secularly “saved”.

---So what do they do? They are happy to play with “second wives” or “second husbands” secretly. But Satan will make sure there is no secretly.

---As long as they follow their “grab principles” their calculative “you owe me” shared with others around them, they should be stable and succeed in “perfection of economic character”.

---They will stay in this “economic secular heaven” as long as everything is running well: BMW engine is regularly serviced, new tires is regularly on, oil check every couple of thousand miles, food regularly stuffed in the fridges, garden kept clean, house kept clean.

---They give their tithe and just the tithe. They give their offerings and just the calculated offerings.

---Nothing can be sweeter. They think.

---Until the Tornado. Until the earthquake or flood.

---Until the company goes bankrupt.

---It is difficult for them then to downgrade the BMW to a used Jeep.

---Bankrupt? It is the leprosy of secular theology.

---It is the worst situation a living human being can experience.

---My family went bankrupt and a friend of mine went bankrupt before my eyes.

---First my family. The auctioneers came and took all our expensive things and left us with almost nothing. Tears a lot.

---We end up in a two room on a lot given to us by kind people, my uncle.

---No electricity, no running water, no toilet. The long-drop, water with a drum, candles. And we went to church as usual, school as usual, sleep as usual, eat as usual. Nothing else to do.

---How long does it take to get out of this? A year, two or three. But getting out is a definite.

---A friend of mine was caught in a Nigerian scam and lost all his capital before my eyes. When I noticed it online, I warned but the process was already going on.

---It took him six years to recover fully again.

---Who suffered? Everyone around him.

---What is the secret? Keep your faith. Keep going to God in your personal devotion. Keep praying. Keep listening to Him at church. Keep paying your tithes and offerings. However diminished, the income is always 10% for the Lord.

---Can I borrow from the Lord this month? Yes. Fine. The Lord is not strange. But you owe the Lord next month so keep your promise. God will not reduce your blessings.

---How do you survive? Faith in God. Will He pull you through this dark stream ahead of you? He did many people and you are one of those to be. Nice right?