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Studying Managing for the Master until He comes in the series Lesson 6 may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: "Escape from digimodern sins for Morning Manna in the Sabbath School Series Managing for the Master until He comes

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God"

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---This week the lesson is going to focus on the importance of the target of our thinking.

---The issue in life is: to what are you looking for?

---What are you spending most of your free time looking at?

---What is free time? Not work. Leisure time. Just sitting. Just looking.


---Flick, picture, flick, picture, flick, picture, flick one line message, flick, one line message. Flick, flick, flick, flick, flick zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………?

---Where is your Bible and how far from you? Next to you. When last did you open it? Not regular.

---So where is your mind in off-times. Cleaning the car. Cleaning the swimming pool. Page through car magazines.

---Jesus said: Where your treasure is…there will be your heart also.

---Was Jesus right?

---Well, obvious we have a problem. Right?

---So how to get out of this problem in a digimodernism age.

---The problem is modern digital devices.

---How to get out of it?

---Don’t look at images any longer. No TV dramas, movies, news, nothing. Turn the eyes away and walk away.

---Come on we are not Amish but Adventists.

---Sure. But you have an obsession with images. So you have a problem.

---After all, the Bible is next to you in free time untouched. That is a serious problem for the spiritual life.

---So stop watching youtube videos. What! Yes.

---But they are documentaries.

---Does not matter. They are images. Images damage.

---How do you know that?

---God told Moses. Do not make an image of what is in heaven or on earth.

---That is why Jewish people did not like to be artists in biblical times but there are evidence of copies of surrounding nations.

---They had the vineyard motif, menorah, lotus motif, very minimal. While Assyria was making wall imprints of their achievements, Israel was only text-based with floury language. Text instead of Image. Why us Isaiah so vivid. Or the Joseph narrative? No images in Virtual Reality. Only text.

---So now you got it. Right?

---The cognitive part of the brain said God, is damaged by Virtual Reality Images. Do not make images or watch them.

---God’s reality is flowing, and growing and changing and transforming.

---Youtube is limiting the flowing with no growing, no changing, and no transforming after the video. That is not included.

---Someone is bad on the video but one cannot see how they converted later and changed their lives. That is what it means.

---So this week, our lesson will look at the Patriarchs one by one and Moses last to see how they placed their eyes on heavenly things and not worldly earthly things.

---Want to join them? Is it about time to ponder on why God said we should not make Virtual Images of anything in heaven or earth?

---Now you know. Right?

---There is an invisible chain onto our arms with the smartphone at the end.

---Over our brains are prison bars because we are incarcerated with Virtual Reality of Images. Cognitively imprisoned. Our thinking is controlled by media. ---That is the issue. Escape from Images is the key in digimodern sins.