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Studying Three Cosmic Messages in the series Lesson 1, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: Jesus and Satan’s battle for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Three Cosmic Messages.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God".

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---Jesus Wins—Satan Loses. A battle. This is the theme.

---No-one wants to say it. But Putin is battling in an area that is not his. Satan is battling in an area that is not his.

---Satan? Who is Satan. In the 1970;s the SBL hosted a conference to deny Satan. Theologians across the globe minimized the biblical view to a mere human twist in the mind.

---Our lesson today says no. There are texts that these scholars have overlooked.

---Karl Barth was a great scholar and placed on the South Korean Adventist Journal coverpage (the edition before a photo of the factive-atheist Dietrich Bonhoefer and after Barth the other problem theologian Rudolph Bultman). But Barth denied Satan. Yes. He refused to describe the Rebellion in Heaven actions.

---And the whole world ran after Karl Barth who wrote in the 1930’s and influenced Catholics and Protestants from about 1960’s onwards. Thus, SBL with no Satan idea in the 1970’s.

---Biblical reality of Satan is spelled out in these text. Either himself or his agents he is using with the same techniques: battle Jesus.

---Revelation 12; Eph. 5:25–27, 32; Phil. 3:9; Dan. 7:25; Isa. 14:12–14; Rev. 13:14–17.

---Revelation 12 is Satan battling Christ and the Church resulting from Christ. Our lesson focuses on this in this week.

---Daniel 7:25 was said by Reformer George Joye who was Tyndale’s editor and then enemy due to changes he made in Tyndale’s text, Joye said in 1542 in his Daniel Commentary that Daniel 7:25 means that the Roman church changed Saturday to Sunday. “He will change times and law”. Now you know. Was he correct? Yes.

---Why was Joye correct? Because by changing the worship day of Saturday to something else is rejecting the Creator God Jesus and the Trinity and their Lordship over Creation. “My day” says the Lord in many places. The Lord has a day. Not “My days” as John MacArthur’s church is teaching in California.

---They expressly deny the Seventh Day Sabbath and that knowingly. Get out of that church. Immediately. But he talks so nicely. Get out.

---Karl Barth hopped over Isaiah 14:12-14 with saying it is merely metaphors of an empire that time. No sir. It is the reality of the Rebellion of Satan in heaven as the origin of a heavenly war brought to earth when Eve ate the fruit.

---Satan was in a closet in Eden but when Eve ate the fruit, she opened the door.

---The earth became his roaming field. Too and fro and destruction and thorns and pain started spreading.

---But Christ the Creator came back and died on the cross with His blood and bought it back. Satan lost the cosmic war in the universe that tragic day in 31 AD by killing Christ. Christ died of a broken heart. Satan broke it. Our sins broke it who was prompted and R&D by Satan. Get it?

---“I want to put my throne on the mountain of God where God is” was Satan’s wish. He was thrown out.

---Rebellion is idolatry. Any Rebellion. Like the Woman Ordination rebellion. Like the NAD rebellion. Anything non-biblical fought for is rebellion. Keeping tithes away from the General Conference over a non-biblical stance, is rebellion. A double rebellion since tithes should not be kept away any time. Right?

---So Satan has agents. And sometimes unknowingly, members are participating in that rebellion without knowing the consequences of their actions. The leadership use smooth talk to sooth and quiet their objections. Wolves in sheep clothes. Watch out.

---“Boars in God’s vineyard”. Watch out says Chuck Swindoll in a lecture on this on Youtube.

---So this week, the ID of Satan and his cronies will be shaken.

---The dragon went out for 1260 years between 538-1798 AD to make war with the remnant of Jesus who kept the commandments and the testimony of Jesus.

---Stefanovich in the Andrews Study Bible (p. 1,673 comments on Revelation 11:2) said it is “Historicists” who are saying it is 1260 years. It is not historicists out there saying it, it is us. Right?

---Stefanovich is calculatively pruning the tree always says A. Treiyer who got his theology degree from Strassbourgh in France.  He was very pro-Hasel until Hasel died in June of 1994, then he made a 180 degree paradigm shift to free himself of historicist Adventist views. I was there at that time. 

---It is time to be dangerously faithful and not experiment with our ideas. Right?

---Back to the Bible like the Pioneers did. They did. You too.