It is interesting that Daniel 2 scenario is explained by Moses in the Balaam the son of Beor event in Numbers 24. At the end of the chapters is the destruction of the successive empires. Chittim is interpreted as Greeks. Greek empire after Alexander the Great in 333 BC.

There was an inscription discovered at Deir ‘Alla which gives the same content, but also different. It mentions the name of Balaam the son of Beor and the vision that he had in the night. It was translated and discussed by A. van Der Kooij of Leiden University in Holland.

When I was a young student, I spent many hours putting the inscriptions together and then translated it. It was very interesting and enjoyable to do. I gave it then to William Shea our archaeologist in the church and he read it.

The inscription is very late. Moses is in 1448-1410 BC but the Deir ‘Alla inscription is from the 7th century BC., 650 BC?

Numbers is written in Hebrew but this inscription is written in Aramaic a sister of Hebrew. Very close the same.

The lesson we learn from the Balaam incident is that we should always choose the Bible and God’s way and not that of culture of the environment we are living in. Right? What is your church doing or your pastor? Bible or culture. Culture over Bible or Bible over culture? If not Bible over culture, you need to move. It is Balak who wants to curse the remnant of God. Navigate to the true church. When? Immediately. We will keep your seat in church.