You need to know the book of Numbers was put together by Moses. It was a series of his diaries and even a recipe that he put together of their experience traveling in the Wilderness. Problems, water, rebellion, sickness, rejection, and the power of God all the way. 

Sometimes the Greek translation of Numbers that we have read different than the Hebrew original. Keep to the Hebrew original as the KJV did. If your translation follow the Greek, do not use. Why? The manuscripts of the original Greek translation was corrupted during the time of Antiochus Epiphanus 164 BC and until 130 BC at the Library of Alexandria. How do we know that? 1. Homer’s Iliad was corrupted as well. 2. The Greek manuscripts of Qumran follows the Hebrew rather than the Septuagint. What about Jesus’ Greek Bible? There were two in Jesus’ day. The good one and the bad one. Unfortunately the bad one survived and is called today the LXX.

---Notice that Caleb had a different Spirit in him than those who murmured/rebelled against the Lord in Numbers 14:29. They would be punished to die during the 40 years.

---Caleb “had another Spirit in him, and has followed me fully”. Number 14:24. How full is full? 90%? Inside corruption that leads to only 93%? Fully. A full cup starts to overflow. Why? 100% full.

---What! Are we to be perfect like Caleb? Yes. But do not call yourself perfect. Only the Holy Spirit will do that.

---According to the Book of Hebrews 11 there was no promised land on earth. That is the lesson faithful people had to discover in their lives. They desired their own country. Their own nation physically. God gave them a space but wit was no heaven on earth. Many problems. Right? So Abraham was looking for a city that is not on earth.

There are some churches who speak of Israel and the promise land. Or South Korea. Or South Africa. Or the USA. Hebrews 11 says there is no heaven on earth. There will be but after the Hell fire destroyed everything. Sorry Evangelicals. Read Revelation 20-22. Right?