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Studying Three Cosmic Messages in the series Lesson 9, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: "When God send Weimar to template for us who are in confusion for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Three Cosmic Messages”.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God"

The Sabbath School Quarterly, downloadable from in the Teacher's Edition is on page 72.

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---Truth and error conflict with each other in Babylon.

---With Daniel in Babylon as template of truth, things could not stay the same with the religion of the kings and princes and wife of Nebuchadnezzar and his son’s daughter.

---Nebuchadnezzar after madness, accepted Hebrew religion and died. He will be saved one day.

---There is a hint of this aspect in the texts of the successor Nabonidus later.

---It depends how one is willing to read it.

---It is as if he was imitating Daniel?

---So Nabonidus became confused in religion and refused to worship the state religion of Marduk in Babylon, the big tower religion.

---He pulled off the signboard and put it on his palace! Marduk priests were furious.

--His mother, wife of Nebuchadnezzar wanted to start her own religion at Haran for Sin the Moon cult. And she did. She died 109 years old.

---Nabonidus left Babylon due to stress and lived in Arabia for 10 years.

---His daughter became high-priestess at another town nearby. He insisted that she must be woman ordained as high-priestess of that religion.

---Three times the main god was consulted and three times he said no. Then suddenly he said yes and she became the high-priestess there.

---The family each one was confused and had their own religions.

---Belshashar came to the throne of his father who is on “religious mental sick leave”. He was agnostic, atheistic and secular. Wine woman and songs, the later Aristotelian mantric was his religion. Hedonism we call it today.

---I just want video-games, bars, women and drunk parties with associates. That was his lifestyle.

---The rest you know, if you read chapter 5 of Daniel.

---And through it all, truth, Daniel was around when error prevailed in this city of confusion.

---Last night Weimar University came to Sahmyook University to bring a symphony youth performance and God sent them to provide a proper Adventist Christian Youth Template for Sahmyook University and educate SAY what is His divine will with music. The only problem is, the theology department did not bring SAY to the concert of God! So there were many empty seats for angels to sit. And angels it were. The organ was never ever in my whole experience with Sahmyook so alive as when the Japanese Musician Masiko Kinjo played it. See online for the concert.

---Talking about confusion and truth in music.