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Studying Three Cosmic Messages in the series Lesson 10, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: "Deceptions of Babylon in Justification and Sunday Keeping for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Three Cosmic Messages”.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God."

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---Is there a link between one’s view of Justification and Sunday Keeping?

---In 2016 the Anglican Church also signed the Catholic Published document of a Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification, between the Catholics and Lutherans. Lutherans apologizing for the misunderstandings they caused during Luther’s debates that caused the division.

---They said in their document signed to the Lutherans and Catholics united on the concept of Justification by Faith:

1.     welcomes and affirms the substance of the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification (JDDJ), signed by Lutherans and Roman Catholics in 1999; and

2.     recognizes that Anglicans have explored the doctrine of justification with both Lutherans and Roman Catholics; and

3.     recognizes that Anglicans and Lutherans share a common understanding of God’s justifying grace, as the Helsinki Report stated that we are accounted righteous and are made righteous before God only by grace through faith because of the merits of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and not on account of our works or merits; and

4.     recognizes that in 1986 the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) produced a statement Salvation and the Church, which observed that our two Communions are agreed on the essential aspects of the doctrine of salvation and on the Church’s role within it.

--- The World Methodist Council (2006) and the World Communion of Reformed Churches (2017) have also associated themselves with the Declaration

--- A 20th Anniversary edition of the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification is now available in five languages. This edition contains the original text of the Declaration along with the statements of association by Anglican, Methodist and Reformed bodies and the Notre Dame Statement of the five Communions following a joint consultation in 2019.

---What about Adventists? Have you not read what happened behind the scenes of Questions on Doctrine in 1957 already?

---The official Adventist position as represented by GC President W. Branson and F. Nicol at that time and advocated by H. Douglas and a long list of scholars of that time before 1954 was suddenly shocked.

---John W. Stott of the Victorian Period’s salvation concepts rebaked G. Berkhouwer and others, differed from Ellen White’s view on Grace and Obedience.

---Stott was an Anglican Calvinists and Calvin argued for a double grace. Grace for Justification from above. And Grace for Obedience or Sanctification from above.

---Sounds right, but the only problem is that Calvin leans on Christ’s obedience for human sanctification when Ellen White is leaning on the transformation power of the Holy Spirit [who is the second Comforter, also God, also part of the Trinity] cooperative obedience with us changing us completely getting rid of all habits and sins!

---That is traditional Ellen White salvation concepts.

---But then Froom and University leaders sought accreditation with the Reformed led government of Education.

---“We also want to be like the Canaanites”- syndrome.

---They have a king. They have “justification by faith only and not saved by any works of ourselves”. Forget about Sanctification because it is also a gift of grace and you live as you want Christ will cover all for you message.

---Have you read H. Douglas A fork in the road? J. Zurcher, Touch by His feelings?

---Froom organized that the new GC president taking over from Branson, joined them in appealing to the Reformed world that Adventists are not a sect. W. Martin wanted to make us a sect because of our doctrines.

---Froom et al hid all the non-Reformed statements of Ellen White and selected only the Reformed similar statements. Read Zurcher, it is all explained there. Andreasen wrote letters to the GC. They did not answer him.

---Andreasen told them that they are citing only half the story of Ellen White if they read further she speaks the other side of the coin.

---We talk about last day deceptions by Babylon. It is the lesson this week. Do not forget our title.

---There are two toasts says Ellen White that are important at the end time: Immortality of the Soul [Spiritism] and Sunday keeping [cannot keep the law due to original sin from Adam and thus imperfect it does not matter if you do not keep Sabbath because no one can be perfect and no one can keep all ten commandments perfectly]. Hello. Are you still there?

---Is your pastor preaching Justification without our works stop? What about Sanctification and the obedience messages of the Old and New Testament? Is he preaching them as well?

---Is your pastor preaching about obedience and overcoming? Hello?

---That was the other side of the coin for Ellen White contra J. W. Stott and Calvinism.

---And Calvinism signed the Justification document with the Catholics in the last decades and recently also other Protestants. Did we hear of Fallen Babylon? Are you with me?

---Christ needs our Example following Obedience as spotless as we can render it with the help of the power of the Holy Spirit. How effective is the Holy Spirit? Half-heartedness? 70%? 99%?

---Can we keep the law only 99% and that is fine with the Trinity? Hello Adventists.

---Your logic fails for proper Sabbath Keeping if you dent your ability to be sanctified properly by the Holy Spirit. Can you see that?

---One more time: If you say that we are sinful and all our deeds are sinful and we cannot render a sinless sanctified life even with the Holy Spirit [oops] the result is that no one can keep the law perfect and the further result is that if you keep Sunday instead of Saturday, then you are fine because no one can be perfect. There you have it.

---Is your pastor playing the harp every week in his sermon that you cannot be perfect or keep the law perfect? Get out. It is not traditional Adventism.

---It is the signed up Calvinism of J. W. Stott and ecumenical Berkhouwer who was counselor attending Vatican II! Did you know that? Did LaRondelle know that?

---Deception in Justification is deception on the way to Sunday keeping. You got it?