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Studying Three Cosmic Messages in the series Lesson 10, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: Sun-worship part of Babylon’s heritage for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Three Cosmic Messages.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God".

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---Babylon worshiped the sun.

---One of the gates on the big ziggurat for Marduk, or the god Bel, is the E-Saggila with six gates of which one of them is “the Gate of the Rising Sun”.

---Source: ---“The ziggurat occupied but a small part of the temple area.

a cuneiform tablet which describes the great temple of Bel-Merodach at Babylon.

---The latter was called Ê-Saggila, “the house of the exalted head”;

---The visitor to the temple first entered the “Great” or Outer Court.

---It was 900 feet in breadth, and more than 1150 in length.

---At Babylon a second court opened out of the first, devoted to the worship of the goddesses Istar and Zamâmâ.

---Six gates pierced the walls—the Grand Gate, the Gate of the Rising Sun, the Great Gate, the Gate of the Colossi, the Gate of the Canal, and the Gate of the Tower-view.”

---In Sumerian language, E means house. E.GAL means “big house” or palace.

---So from early times, just like the Egyptians, Babylon also focused on the Sun.

---All pagan religions around Israel and everywhere focused on the worship of the Sun.

---Are people standing on the Eastern coast on New Year to see the rising sun that year?

---It is sun-cult. Sun Worship. Why? New Year is from “evening to evening” so when the sun went down in the West nearly 12 hours before, the New Year was already there!

---Next time you think about the timing of the New Year, consider your actions. Actions plays a part on our psychic and cognitive thinking. That plays a part on our whole life and lifestyle.

---And that is what happened to Constantine the so-called Christian emperor. In 321 he made an Edict that shops should be closed on Sundays.

---I have a coin of Constantine which shows his hair like the rising sun and in his hand he is holding the earth.

---For those who do not know, SOL is the Latin word for Sun.

---Between 312-317 one can see the coins of Constantine including the SOL or sun. Source:

---His head is radiating like the sun.

---He favored Jupiter and other solar stars too. But the sun is featured on these coins. Did he not so-called convert in 312 on the Milan Bridge?

---I do not know how Constantine got converted with Christ and the SOL or sun?

---Error is always mixed with truth.

---So is your church insisting that you worship on Sunday and not Saturday?

---The day of the Latin SOL?

---You need to find the right church. Pagans focused on the sun. You do not want to do the same. Right?

---Smartphone. Find an Adventist church near you right now. Call your pastor. Tell him you had enough of sun-worship. When? Right now.