The morning Manna will be provided at 6am. Thanks.

Studying Ephesians in the series Lesson 14, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: “Avoid evil as in Ephesians 5 for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Ephesians”.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God."

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---Or try in alternative this one:

---Paul says that one should not let fornication and wrongful sexual relationships or actions or feelings or desires and things done in secret of darkness rather than light, be given reign over us. He said: “Not once”. Ephesians 5:2

---But, think about this, what if it has happened not just “once” but “many times”? What if it happened over not only one year but many years! It is now very complicated.

---But, again Paul discovered from the Holy Spirit a backdoor to this situation. In Hebrews at the end of the book, Paul said that if someone who rejected Christ is brought to the light, or convert, then it is like someone brought from the death. He means eternal death. Resurrected in a new life with the Holy Spirit. The Prodigal Son of Luke 15 and happiness of the Father is the image!

---So what should now be the life of this reconverted person? “Go and sin no more” Christ said in John 8.

---Talk about the agape godly love of God!

---But it is not there forever. This chance to change. When the person is killed in an accident or die suddenly with a heart-attack or stroke, and there was no change, it can be tragedy. So change the lifestyle immediately. No minute longer. Correct?

---Bring your yoke to Lord Jesus said. He said His yoke is light. Meaning it is easy for Him to also pick up yours. Father to his little boy carrying something. Correct?

---Everyone needs to have a proper worldview to survive modern times. In the Middle Ages was John Scotus Erigena from the British Isles who did not like predestination theory and wrote against it. Good. Said Adventists. Heresy said Calvinists.

---Scotus Erigena saw both philosophy and religion as true. He felt that the Revelation of God should be given first ranking and reason should be subordinated. (J. Marias, History of Philosophy page 141).

---But he believed in a single soul for all mankind and that is pantheism. Sorry (p. 142).

---St. Anselm was born in 1033 and died in 1109 and like Adventists he also said “I believe in order to understand”. Adventist Jewish Hebrew professor Jacques Doukhan said that the Old Testament teaches “I obey in order to understand”. Nice. Correct?

---“If I did not believe, I would not understand”. He said that without faith and love he could not attain to God’s truth. Ellen White said the same in the Book of Education written in 1902. Gerhard Hasel made it a requirement in proper hermeneutics of the Word of God. The same.

---Peter Abelard lived between 1079-1142 and he had an affair with a woman and castrated himself. He was restless his whole life but one positive thing he said is that the Christian mysteries cannot be understood experimentally by man. Correct? (Marais page 149).

---Hugh of St. Victor (Marais page 150) recommended the study of the sciences both sacred and profane and believes that they mutually support and strengthen one another and they are all useful. Ellen White said the same in her Book of Education in 1902. It is one of the prime ideas of Adventism and should be found at all our universities and colleges unless there are infiltrators from other universities and faiths.

---Richard of St. Victor who was a pupil of Hugh said the same as one can find in Ellen White Education, that the knowledge of God and the knowledge of man illuminate each other. (Marais page 150).

---In the 12th century heresies or heterodox currents existed. So they say. But I wonder. They say that atheism, pantheism, materialism, and the concept of the eternity of this world as one find in Buddhism was flourishing in Europe. It sounds very modern! But all wrong. (Marais page 151).

---The Cathari was a sect influenced also by the Dominican Order of St. Dominic (Domingo de Guzmán). If he was not a Jew, what is a Jew?

---The word cathari means “pure or perfect ones”. That was their motto. They professed not the traditional Christian monotheism but dualism of good and evil. Thanks for the arrival of Adventism in the 12th century. See Patriarchs and Prophets chapters 1-3 by Ellen White and Fundamental Belief 8 of Adventism. Hello. (Marais page 151).

---Cathari denied the immortality of the soul. (See L-R. Froom, The Prophetic Faith of our Fathers in Adventism which is online). Marais says they were a problem. Why? “[They] …contradicted the Catholic dogmas…”. (Marais page 152).

---A problem sect was in the 12th century that of Amalric of Bena, who had the same views as one later found in 1904 at Battle Creek with the heresy in Adventism of John Harvey Kellogg. Pantheism. “Everything is one because everything is God”. (Marais page 152).

---Moses Maimonides was a Jew who lived between 1135-1204. He believed that the supreme object of religion and philosophy is the knowledge of God and that it is very important that there should be an agreement between the principles and results of both sciences. Ellen White said the same in Education in 1902.

---Like Adventists, Maimonides did not like the allegorical interpretation of the Bible or Idealism, so common among liberal heretics in Adventism, but he said that one should be careful of literalism sometimes. The problem is that Maimonides felt that one should not let literalism dominate one. Oops.

---If the literal reading of the Bible as the Word of God said keep the Saturday Sabbath as the seventh day of the week and My Sabbath….it is not dominating the person. It is helping the person to be correct.

---So when Paul is asking us to chance our lives in Ephesians 5, do not run away from the obligation. Do it. Avoid pitfalls. Avoid dangerous secret spaces or zones in your private life. Watch what you put your eyes on. Why? Eyes are the windows to the brain. Brain switch on all desires and passions. No see no desire.

---Remember the three monkeys: see no evil, hear no evil do no evil. Correct.

---Some people need asceticism of seeing in their lives otherwise they will be addicted to Satan’s distractions.

---Some people need asceticism to alcohol, zero alcohol because alcohol is addictive in its essence.

---Why is it that all sin is addictive in its essence? Satan is the ingredient. That is why. And he is alive for over 6000 years now. Targeting humans like you.

---So follow Paul in Ephesians 5. When? Right now.