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Studying Ephesians in the series Lesson 14, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: “Ephesians 6 and taking up the arms for God in the life of Heinrich Bullinger for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Ephesians”.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God."

The Sabbath School Quarterly, downloadable from in the Teacher's Edition is on page 181 and 174 in the Teacher’s edition (alternative one below).

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---Or try in alternative this one:

---Ephesians 6 is about calling the church to take up the arms for God.

---Arms? Faith, Truth, Word of God those things.

---But what about army and guns and those things? No.

---Do not think that when you walk as a soldier in army clothes to fight the other country’s enemy that you are doing what Paul asks in Ephesians 6. That is misapplying Paul. Get it?

---When you are using the things of this World as if they are the things of God, you are misapplying the biblical text.

---Martin Luther thought that every time he is doing the Eucharist it was the very body of Christ and His blood that he was handling. Just like Catholics!

---Heinrich Bullinger did not like that. He disagreed with Luther here.

---Bullinger was a monk that got married to a nun and they had five daughters and six sons. Five of the six sons all became pastors. What a blessing.

---At the age of 11 his father sent him to a Latin school at St. Martin. But, he did not pay him food money and told him to beg for food for three years to learn what poverty is.

---He read Jerome, Horace, Virgil all Latin texts. He was influenced by the Brethren of the Common Life which emphasized the reading of the Bible and Christian living style. Hello. At the age of 11-13.

---In 1519 at the age of 14 he went to the University of Cologne. He was aware of Martin Luther and the Leipzig Disputation in that year.

---When he read Peter Lombard he saw that the church fathers read the Bible. So he decided that he wants to also read the Bible and Luther and Phillip Melanchton’s works. At 15 years old. Hello.

---In Modern Society of our time parents feel that they should not interfere with kids and is happy if they go to the game rooms. As long as they are happy. They think. Even beyond 20 they are still playing their time away in game rooms. Hello Bullinger. Where are we in our age?

---He was then converted to Protestantism.

---He felt that he was compelled to accept Protestantism because of humanist teachers that he had. He was well read on the theology of the church fathers between Cyprian and Thomas Aquinas.

---At the age of 18 he earned his Master of Arts degree. He did not like Martin Luther’s Eucharist ideas.

---At the age of 18 he went home and he got a work at an abbey but he found the monks so licentious and worldly that he went back home. When a person has a proper relationship with God, the person does not like these two aspects. Why? Obey God is the key. Not let go and be sorry.

---At the age of 19 he was employed as a teacher but he told them on one condition, he will not take the vows at the monastery and he will not attend their mass.

---He started reading the Bible systematically. He also did exegesis at 19 years old. Hello. What are young people do at 19 in our day?

---He helped the monks reading the Bible. They stop taking the mass. In 1525 they took their first Reformed Eucharist.

---He was under the influence of Zwingli and the Waldensians. Hello Adventists.

---Later when he became pastor of Zurich church he preached 12 sermons per week. Hello modern pastors!

---He had a total of 28000 sermons. Hello modern pastors!