Flood 2692 BC

Noah died 2342 BC

Sargon I 2350 BC?

Abraham born 2240 BC

Left Haran in 2165 BC

Lied in Egypt 2165 BC earlier in the year and later in the year Colonization of Siddim Valley = Sodom and Gemorrah valley

Lie with the pharaoh, presumably Neterkhet of the 2nd Dynasty of Egypt

Amraphel = Hammurabi I colonized Siddim Valley because of lie of Abraham later in year of 2165 BC

dHa-mu-ra-bi would be dingir = el but in Semitic it would be placed at the end thus am-ra-phi-EL

The existence of Hammurabi I is not mentioned by any scholar but there are long distance texts (3 of them) that if they are placed calculating from the time of Kassite kings in 1130 BC places Hammurabi I exactly at the same date as the colonization of Amraphel of the Siddim Valley. (see my article in IJRSSH  2017, Vol. No. 7, Issue No. I, Jan-Mar pages 114-140 especially 133 at http://www.ijrssh.com)

Colonization is from 2165-2153 BC for 12 years see Gen 13:10

Ishmael born in 2154 BC Gen 16:17

Rebellion was in 2152 in Siddim Valley

Chedolomer and others invaded Siddim Valley in 2151 BC

Punishment for Ismael Lot was taken captive in 2151 BC

Ismael was circumcised 13 years old in 2141 BC

Isaac was not yet born in 2141 BC

Isaac was born in 2140 BC Gen 25:26. He died in 1960 Gen 35:28-29

Abraham was 99 when Ismael was circumcised and 100 when Isaac was born. Gen 17:25

Sodom and Gemorrah destruction was after 2149 until 2141 BC with the circumcision event.

Gudea of Lagash became a pious ruler in ca. 2150 BC, four years after Ishmael was born and in the year after Abraham rescued Lot with the help of God.

Did the shock of Abraham’s God helping him against the power of Mesopotamia caused Gudea to be so religious?

Did he try to emulate Abraham or Lot’s faith?

When Moses was composing Genesis in Midian in 1460 BC he was using three sources that he probably got from his mother: Scroll/book of Adam (Gen 5:1) and Scroll/book of Noah (Gen 6:4) and Scroll/book of Abraham and Patriarchs history?

Job was a contemporary of Abraham but I suggest earlier in his life maybe in Haran times before 2165 BC.

Job 1 speaks of the sons of God coming to God for a meeting in heaven and Satan came as well. There is a Council of God in heaven in Job.

Moses may have had a scroll of the Book of Job from which he composed the Epic of Job?

Job is full of Egyptianisms, Egyptian concepts of Judgment at Midnight and the Executive Judgment following after Midnight before Ptah after that gate is passed. It is the theology explained by W. Budge of a source that dates to post-400 BC. There is an Investigative Judgment where the travelers in the boat on the heavenly Nile at night going through various gates with the Sungod Ra, have to climb the stairs to appear before the throne of Ptah and their hearts are placed upon a scale. A feather of truth is placed on the other side. A monkey (symbol of sin) is trying to push the scale.

Joseph died in 1878 BC and 30 years later the Pharaoh Sesostris III did not know about Joseph and his history. Slavery started on a global scale by Egyptian hegemony and colonization.

Hammurabi (II) ruled after 1792 BC (following the dating by W.F. Albright).

His stela was found in Susa in Iran in 1901. It was brought there 600 years after it was made.

I can only remember the regular sentence starting with Šumma awilum…When a man…

The first nominal sentence (50–53) is short: "I am Hammurabi, the shepherd, selected by the god Enlil" (ḫammurabi rē'ûm nibīt enlil anāku). 

Hammurabi repeatedly calls himself na'dum, "pious" (lines 61, 149, 241, and 272)

Sennacherib in his inscriptions (dated 693 BC) called himself “perfect”. He had mental problems. He suffered from a phobia that his father’s ghost will come back because Sargon II’s body was never found. So he moved the capital from the new built capital of his father Tur Sharrukin to Niniveh.  

Joachim Jeremias studied the Moses Hammurabi connection and argued for one of dependency.

Source: https://archive.org/details/mosesundhammura00jeregoog

Adventists pointed out that the Law of God was only reiterated at Sinai not given for the first time.

1.     Abel knew how to sacrifice. 2. Noah knew how to sacrifice. 3. Abraham knew how to sacrifice They were all before 1792 BC.

It means that the law existed before Sinai and that Hammurabi’s law is not the first one to have existed.

There are earlier laws like Eshnunna and Lagash that existed before Hammurabi.

End of Short notes