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Studying Mission in the series Lesson 10, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: “Mission is crossing the line into the seriousness for truth for Morning Manna of the Sabbath School Lesson Mission”.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God."

The Sabbath School Quarterly, downloadable from in the Teacher's Edition is on pages 128.

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---Crossing a line.

---What does it mean? It means standing for the truth though the heavens fall.

---John Knox did and he died.

---A long list of reformers and other faithful died for crossing the line.

---What about John Calvin? Is he safe or a safehaven? In January 1552 from Geneva John Calvin wrote to Madame de Cany saying that if someone did not escape, he would have burnt him at the stake. “And I assure you, Madame, that had he not so soon escaped, I should, by way of discharging my duty, have done my best to bring him to the stake”. Crossing Calvin’s line can bring you to Calvin’s stake of fire to be burnt. Hello! Go to letter CCXCCII at footnote 363 of the following link.


---Elijah crossed the line of Yezebel and Ahab and their transsexual priests, the gula priest of Baal eating ecumenically at her palace table since she is the ordained Highpriestess, an unusual and out of biblical practice in the Old Testament. Correct?

---Maybe your God is busy, or on a tour, or sleeping, call louder. Said Elijah mocking the other gods borrowed from other religions and called upon with non-biblical worship practices dancing and shouting foreign to the quiet influence of the Holy Spirit in Romans 8:26.

---Is your church music crossing the Adventist line to borrow from Yonsei Baptist church the style and from Presbyterian Celebration Music hymnals?

---See crossing the line can be going to the wrong side and giving up your identity.

---Paul did not, Elijah did not, John Knox did not, is your congregation or pastor doing it? Better indicate properly what the line is.

---But if the Bible and Ellen White is not to be followed since they are centuries ago, and besides, we are living in 2023 in digimodernism, then we can use common sense as guide. Correct? Wrong.

---Crossing the line is never crossing away from truth. It is crossing the line of propriety or smooth talking into facing reality more seriously without beautiful phraseology.

---How do you read the books written by non-SDA’s? From the back to the front and from the footnotes to the text carefully analyzing every citation and reference, who it is, what is their ideology, what are they known for, what is their agendas? In this way you are not crossing the line into the wrong but cross the line by bringing truth from outside inside because it is the same.

---When your ideas you found in outside theology or books is clashing with Adventist theology, it is not the right crossing the line. It is bringing heresy into Adventism. Correct?

---So you are a gatekeeper of true Adventism even in digimodernism. Truth does not change. Truth is not relative but normavistic.

---Modernism was the phenomenon to throw out positivism of norms and adopts relativism in its place. Biblical truth was thrown out and man in his brain and senses and sensibility decides what right and wrong is. A watering down of truth.

----Paul cross the line by bringing in the resurrection of Christ. That makes Him the real Messiah and Jews would have been furious. And some of them was. But some believed.

---Is crossing the line now clearer than before?