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Studying Psalms in the series Lesson 8, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: “Psalms Righteous living and evil ID checking for Sabbath School Lesson on the Psalms.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God."

The Sabbath School Quarterly, downloadable from in the Teacher's Edition is on pages until page 98-102.

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------Obedience: “God requires prompt and unquestioning obedience of His law; but men are asleep or paralyzed by the deceptions of Satan, who suggests excuses and subterfuges, and conquers their scruples, saying as he said to Eve in the garden: ‘Ye shall not surely die.’ Disobedience not only hardens the heart and conscience of the guilty one, but it tends to corrupt the faith of others. That which looked very wrong to them at first, gradually loses this appearance by being constantly before them, till finally they question whether it is really sin and unconsciously fall into the same error.”—Ellen G. White, Testimonies for the Church, vol. 4, p. 146

---Result? Obedience is a must not a maybe.

---Is it a case of “Oops, I did it again!“

---In the Bible there is no room for Oops. If you did it again, you are a starter and Paul was complaining with some Christians that were still babies when they were to be fed with more advanced studies.

---By beholding you become changed. Right or wrong. Depends on Who or who you are looking at or what.

---Solution: Identify the temptation and start to starve your eyes for it.

---Result: You wipe out of your brain any reminders of the temptation.

---People who eat beef cannot talk about a good vegetarian diet. Can they?

---People who are smoking cannot talk about the values of being not a smoker.

---Psalms plead with all of us to see the value of obedience.

---Help for the way of obedience is the Holy Spirit.

---But some of us are like dogs wanting to run down the way of obedience but we do not want to untie the rope that is around our neck.

---In 1974 the preacher Helmut Thielicke wrote a book on The Relation of Theology to Modern Thought Forms. On page 38-39 and 51 I found this:

---That Immanuel Kant who lived at the time of the Deadly wound of the papacy in 1798 said that God’s dignity is at stake when it comes to obedience.

---“For God does not want to force us as a heteronomous tyrant.”

---He does not want servile [slave] obedience. He want filial [family of God] obedience.

---When Christ lost His life, He stopped the eternal continuation of sin.

---In biblical concepts of obedience, freedom from the law means living out the law in full.

---The law only kicks in to complain or condemn the person when they do not follow the guidance of the law.

---You do not get a car ticket from keeping by the rules. It is when you break the rules that you get a ticket and the rules condemn you.

---Trials are a means for God to test our commitment to be obedient. You say you are obedient to what the Lord expects from you, let’s test you.

---It is about God’s dignity and when you passed the test, you have dignity in the eyes of the Universe as well. Psalm 105:19 talking about the Hebrew word tsarab or test. The word that Moses had in his vocabulary in Egyptian for test was se-jep.

---The seesaw of the Bible is a row between obedience with God and disobedience with evil and Satan.

---Karl Barth did not have Satan in his theology and that crippled his whole theological system. It does not matter how much you emphasize Christ, if you do not understand His war with Satan and Satan’s war with us the believers, your theology is skew. Sorry Barth.

---The same with Dietrich Bonhoeffer. It does not matter how many Nazis you fight, if you do not recognize that God is God in our world as well and see Him as a kind of non-entity or absentee, you are not obedient to God but to the evil.

---Scholars are saying that Bonhoeffer was a factive atheist as his letters are indicating. Despite all the beautiful stories about him in prison and his song he wrote that people like to sing. He is an atheist ---do not believe in God in our sphere although he does believe in a God somewhere else.

---That is not biblical.

---The wicked has schemes. Everyone who is a long-time Adventist knows about the saga with Walter Martin in 1952 when he wanted to list Adventism as a sect.

---Well, said Raymond Cottrell, in those days Martin asked from the three Froom, Anderson and Read that they produce a book that he could use to defend in the Evangelical Society that Adventists are not a sect.

---So they asked Cottrell who was the first Adventist who became an Evangelical member, to review all the works of Martin.

---He presented to the three designers of Questions on Doctrine a frame. They took the frame, produced the book, submitted the book to Martin. He liked it. He removed Adventism from the sect list. And accreditation was achieved and great money was to come from 1972 from the government to our hospitals, schools and institutions. Success? Or sellout? Editor of Liberty magazine said it was almost a “crime” for those who know prophetic messages in Adventism.

---Cottrell said that when QOD was published, the criticism among Adventism was so great, that he stopped its publication. Oops.

---And today George Knight declares to everyone how great this book is. And that our theology is served by this book. No it is not, it is eclectic Adventism.

---Evil play the game of apple shining. In the process secularism slips in. As the lesson says, slowly the member becomes so permissive that they do not realize the are standing in the space of the evil.

---Psalm 141 is about that.

--So where are you this coming Sabbath? On the golf-course? No. At the parkinglot of the nearest Adventist church. Is your nagivation out? When? Now.