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Studying Psalms in the series Lesson 10, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: “Psalms to teach us about God in history for Sabbath School Lesson on the Psalms.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God."

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---Psalm 78, Psalm 105, Psalm 106, Psalm 80, Psalm 135 is listed this week.

---In Psalm 105 the faithful person is asked to thank, make known, sing, speak, glorify, make people rejoice, seek and remember the God of miracles and great acts in spiritual Israel’s history (105:1-5).

---Fear nothing of the future, says EllenWhite, unless you forget how God has led us in the past.

---The seed of spiritual Israel are the seed of the faith of Abraham and children of the faith of Jacob and thus “His chosen ones” (105:6).

---There are unfortunately the prevailing view by foreign-Jewish scholars that alsoattends the Society of Biblical Literature meetings that inthe Old Testament ethnic Israel was God’s special people and will of course, as Judaism maintained, always be to keep His promise to Abraham. False. God selectedone nation to bring His revelation to them for the purpose of spreading the Word about Him around theworld:

“make known His doings among the peoples” (105:1b).

---It sounds as if it is blood and race related, as ifit is a God of physical Israel but do not be fooled.

---God cannot mix with unfaithful people, read Jeremiah, Ezechiel and all the other prophets carefully. If yourheart is not right you are not a child of God and if yourheart is right you are a spiritual chosen one and thus partof spiritual Israel. This is the principle in the Old and New Testament.

---“He is the Lord our God. His judgments (executive andinvestigative) are in all the earth” (105:7).

---He has remembered His covenant forever (105:8). What covenant? Covenant with Adam, Noah, Abraham-Joseph, Moses, spiritual Israel, with all faithful called Hisremnant.

---“The Word [in Genesis 3:15] which He commanded to athousand generations” (105:8b).

---He promised the Seed to Adam. A generation is 40 years so 40 x 1000 = 4000 years, He kept his promise by sending Christ as Messiah to be born in 4 BCE and died in 31 CE. Ellen White in Desire of Ages said remarkably the same, “about four thousand years.”

---Let us look at the list of Creation dates: My own is 4246 BCE by my chronology; Ussher is 4004 BCE; Judaism gave 3761; the socalled byzantine remnants of the Septuagint gave 5872 BCE; Jerome said 3491 and Augustine said 5551. No wonder Augustine and Jerome got into a fight. Said Jerome one time to Augustine:

“I may look old but I can still hit with astrong fist”

---A covenant, same one with Adam and Noah, “which Hemade with Abraham” when he was 75 years old in 2165BCE according to the covenant report in Genesis 12(105:9a).

---“and His oath to Isaac” (105:9b). Isaac was born in 2140. It was when Rebecca was still a honeymoon for him according to Genesis 26. Jacob was born in 2080 BCE. So this renewal of an old covenant with Isaac took place before 2080 BCE.

---“And He established it unto Jacob for a statute, to Israel[another name of Jacob] for an everlasting covenant” [that is to spiritual Israel, the faithful ones of all nations, from God’s perspective] (105:10b).

---There are protestants, especially in the Reformed Calvinistic perspective, who claim that the Old Testament is for the Jews as an ethnic race but the New Testament is for Christians of all countries. False. God does not speak with two tongues. There are the same scholars who say that a specific promise was made to David in the Psalms but that Christ took what was David’s and applied and adapted it to fit Himself. Basically they are supporting that Christ committed “daylight robbing” or plagiarism.

---Even some of our own scholars in New Testament from the South and other scholars from Andrews claimed in their writings the same “adopt and adapt” theory for Jesus, Paul, James, Peter and John. Stop the bus. The Holy Spirit built in Christ referents into all of the Old Testament and never would he intend David but later change and give it to Jesus. It was Jesus from the first instance and not David, and we are coming to Psalm 110 where such a toothpick will be needed.

---When they were a few and wandering from nation to nation as habiru, and there are many cuneiform textsfrom nearly every century showing their presence as habiru here and there (105:12-13), He took care of them and not allow them to be done harm with. Why? He revealed Himself to them and some of them were faithful so He protect the faithful.

---“Touch not Mine anointed ones and do My prophets no harm” (105:15). That principle is just as applicable today as back then. In 1946 BCE a famine came over the Levant until 1939 BCE (105:16). Joseph was sold in 1972 BCE (105:17). He was imprisoned and tested (105:18-19).

---“The Word of the Lord tested him” (105:19b).

---In 1959 BCE Joseph became ruler and overseer of properties and real estates (105:21).

---He had authority to bind the princes and he was a teacher or professor to the elders teaching them wisdom and philosophy of the Word of God (105:22).

---Jacob his father came to Egypt in 1945 BCE (105:23).

---Many Jewish people went to the USA in 1945 in our century. Egypt is the same as land of Ham. Noah hadthree sons: Sem, Ham and Japhet. Hebrews are semites.

---Egyptians are hamites. In 1878 Joseph died and in 1850 pharaoh Sesostris III was ruling with no personal knowledge of Joseph.

---“He turned their heart to hate His people” (105:25). There were too many Amorite and Semites in Egypt in this time (105:24).

---If you look at a picture of Sesostris III,you can still see the hatred on his face. People who hate show it in their face. Moses was sent in 1450 BCE with Aaron (105:26). All the wonders took place in succession in Egypt (105:27-35) and at midnight that morning in March 1450 the oldest son of Thutmosis III were killed. ---He is the one that is the coffin of his father since his father was never found in the Red Sea. Big disaster, so they placed himinstead there and his next brother placed a citation from the Book of the Dead pleading the worms not to eat his father.

---Why? Mummy work was to prevent this. His father was never found, you see, so he had to be prayed for, especially to the worms. It was Exodus morning chaos and agony in Egypt’s palace.

---“Egypt was glad when they departed for the fear of them had fallen upon them” (105:38). The whole world at thattime heard it and developed

---“habiru-phobia”. The enemies of Egypt stood in line to sign up as allies by the dozens. God provided them a strong light as miracle (105:39).

---Food (105:40). Water (105:41). Why?

“For He remembered His holy Word” (105:42).

---All God’s promises are for us as well. He brought forth His people with joy and His chosen ones with singing (105:43). Chosen ones sings until today. Hymns of deliverance.

---In 1410 BCE “He gave them the lands of the nations” (105:44). Nations? Some thought there was the Canaanite nation in the country? False. Canaan was an umbrella term for a mixture of squatters and migrants who temporarily sought a better opportunity in this space.

---They were Hittites, Kassites, Hurrians, Amorites, Egyptians, Elamites, you name it, these were all there.

---They all had their own countries but were roaming around in this space for economic purposes. They were willing to labor for them since jobs were scarce in their own countries (105:44b).

---“And they took the labor of the peoples in possession” (105:44b). It is not the people they took in possession, but the labor. Employment contracts were their possession not slavery. Why did God do this?

---“That they might keep His statutes and observe His laws. Just like us today. No difference.

---Is the Bible not remarkable? Where are you studying this coming Saturday? At 9h30 you should make your way into the parkinglot of the nearest Adventist Church. Why? Sabbath School Lesson on Psalms. Get ready. When? Now. Smartphone out for navigation. Correct?