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Studying The Great Controversy in the series Lesson 2, may the Holy Spirit be the speaker to your heart.

The Topic today is: “Love or Selfishness and the predictions of Jesus on the Mount for Sabbath School Lesson on the The Great Controversy by Ellen White described by Mark Finley.

The Opening Hymn will be 229 "Spirit of the Living God."

The Sabbath School Quarterly, downloadable from in the Teacher's Edition is on pages until pages 18.

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---Love or Selfishness?

---When bad comes upon the good, is God selfish to not help?

---No. Why? Because His blessings of goodness come upon anyone, good or bad.

---Does God favor some and destroy hopes for others?

---No. Why? Because when the rain is given by Him, it falls also on the wicked’s lands and increase their harvest.

---Satan is the designer of persecution or destruction. So when persecution or destruction come, it can come over the good and bad.  

---Two unseen powers. One good and one bad.

---Two results to good or bad people: good or bad.

---God promises good things for His faithful ones. Are they obstructed by God from receiving good things? Why? Maybe educational for their character building? Maybe educational for the evil observers in the near surroundings?

---Does God see that we are suffering? Yes. Why does He not do something about it?

---First of all, this earth is not heaven. It is stolen territory by Satan for whom it was not created.

---Secondly, Satan is in constant war with God as Revelation 12:7-9 clearly spelled out.

---So this week, we are going to see that Jesus spoke to His disciples on the Mount of Olives looking at the Temple in all its bright beauty.

---There are three chapters who deal with the End-Time scenario predictions by Jesus.

---Matthrew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13.

---When one reads the three in comparison there is one point that sounds the same in Matthew and Mark, in fact identical. There is one which is not and that is in Luke.

---There are two options to explain this: Jesus mixed events in future to take two separate events and makes them one; or; Jesus spoke two times the events but the witnesses to all three heard only 50% of the total expression.

---What does this mean?

---Christ says in reality that day: “There will be 1. There will be 2.

---But the witness A to Christ saying heard: “There will be 1 [slip of the ear for the second statement].

---Witness B to Christ saying heard: “[slip of the ear for the first statement] there will be 2”.

---A spoke to Luke.

---B spoke to Matthew and Mark.

---The event of Luke is in 70-73 AD.

---The event in Matthew and Mark is to 538 AD.

---Is this clear? ---So where do we go on Saturday this week? Wallmart, Sears? No, we are grabbing our smartphones and navigate to the nearest Adventist church to be there at 9h30 am to join the Sabbath School Class. When? Now.