---Did you know that the fall of the Pope in 1798 by the General of Napoleon, Berthier, was seen in visions by prophets like Daniel and also the prophet John who wrote the last book of the Bible?

---It has been for many years and centuries now that people are aware that the 1260 days of Revelation 12 and Daniel 7:25 are actually 1260 years.

---So where does it begin and where does it end?

---It will begin when the little horn kingdom takes over the fourth beast's kingdom.

---Who is the first animal? Babylon. The second beast of Daniel 7? Persia. The third beast of Daniel 7? Greece. The fourth beast? Rome. So who is the little hillbilly power that would rule the world for 1260 years? Catholic church.

They are also Roman in tradition. They come from the Roman Empire and have adopted many customs and traditions from the Roman Empire.

---When did it happen?

---538 AD.

---Who was Roman Emperor in 538 AD?


---He was a Lawman. Codified laws. Advocates around the world today should read his books.

---Had a wild wife. Theodora was her name. Wore pants, if you know what I mean. An old saying. Excuse me. My father always said, "You know the woman wears the pants when the man is bald". He was also bald.

---We come back to AD 538.

---Let's first talk about the fall of the little horn as a power in 1798 when Napoleon had the Pope arrested and brought to France.

---The pope writes in a letter to someone that French forces have "given a wound" to the Catholic Church and he quotes Revelation 13. For those who want to see it, see my article "The Naked Pope" in Adventist Today in the footnotes. I quote him there.

---In the year 538 AD, Justinian had a coin minted where he is no longer sitting on a horse with soldier's clothes on. No, he is a theologian with the cross on the coin.

---Also the date must appear. For the first time they write on the coin 538 AD.

---Look at the article by Koot van Wyk and many other scholars "538..." in www.academia.edu. There is also a photo in it.

---But now I come to a very interesting article. In the year 536 AD there was a Volcanic eruption in the far East which harmed the whole world. It was the Vulcan winter from 536 to 542.

Temperatures fell to 2.7 below normal.

---The sun did not shine properly. There was a substance over the earth that affected all countries.


---Books, tree ring investigations in many countries such as Siberia, Middle East, Europe, England, Ireland and America tell the same story.

Volcanic winter of 536 and later, scholars say.

---Justinian failed economically. Strangers from all over the world migrated to Rome.

---His economic and political policies collapsed. When everything started to fail, he changed his thinking and thought that religion would help him. So he wanted to be known as a theologian with a cross in his hand.

---Will it help him? No. This helped the Pope to become stronger from 538 AD.

---So what about the 7 final plagues that will fall?

---Are we going to escape? 538 AD people did not. Right around the world.

---So this shows that the prophets of the Bible did not speak chaff. It all came true.


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