Did you know that the Egyptian view of eternal happiness meant that there must first be an Investigative Judgment before a Judge and Jury and then a Result declaration at the first phase of the Executive Judgment and Punishment at the second phase. 
Osiris is the Judge who determines his fate in the Investigative Judgment between 10 hours and 11 hours before midnight. 
Nebseni sits on the left in the scale and his heart is on the right of the scale. 
A feather is used to determine its weight. 
The feather is a symbol of truth and being right and doing right. 
A monkey sits there because he is supposed to be an accountant who checks the numbers to see if they are correct. The Egyptians fear the frivolous monkey who can pull the string and cause the person to be found too frivolous. So Professor Charles Fensham told us and as you can see, he was correct. Blood when RA, the sun god dies in the west and blood when he is reborn in the east.
 It was at midnight that the executive judgment of the Angel of the Lord killed the eldest son of Exodus Pharaoh Thutmose III. 
When the Angel of the Lord did the Investigating judgment among the Hebrews, the blood of the Passover lamb was on the door of their protection. 
Christ is the blood of the Lamb which is our protection in the Searching Judgment before the Midnight of His Coming. 
The Executive Judgment penalty process begins. 
The result is then declared after 11 hours to midnight. 
The Executive Judgment begins at Midnight. RA's boat is on the middle Nile (the Nile that was between the heavenly Nile and the earthly Nile). 
Called The Tuat. 
The boat of RA sails through 8 gates all night before the sunrise when the rebirth of RA takes place. From Sir Walther Budge book in 1901 on Egyptian Magic p. 37.