The Bible speaks of Sennacherib who wanted to attack Hezekiah and Isaiah in Jerusalem but Tirhakah the black Pharaoh of Egypt in those days chased him away back to Nineveh in 689/690 BC.

Sennacherib had unraveled mentally since then and was killed by his two sons in the temple where he worshipped. His younger son Esarhaddon became king and was very nervous that he too might be killed. So he replaced his entire security system and killed everyone and replaced them with chamberlains who had been disarmed. He made tunnels for his palaces so that he could escape when danger came. No one could see him. Out of fear, he sometimes disappeared for 180 days and went to live as a farmer among farmers, nameless.

He had four sons and had his own plans to appoint the eldest son as king after his death. Therefore, he decided that Ashurbanipal should not become king, but should be sent to a "university" to become a writer. Tablets of course. But suddenly in 672 Esarhaddon's wife Naqia decided otherwise. His wife Naqia decided that her youngest son Ashurbanipal should become king. When only two sons remained, she gathered all the cities and countries to come and promise that they would appoint her son Ashurbanipal. The banquet lasted several days. So, when Esarhaddon died, Naqia sent her eldest son to Babylon and made Ashurbanipal the king of Assyria in Nineveh. It's just background.

Now we come to the story. Ashurbanipal did not like campaigns, so he sent his soldiers and did not go himself. He did construction work all over the empire. In Nineveh he started to set up a library. For 26 years of his empire he collected "books" = tablets, for his empire. Scribes had to write quickly and if they didn't, he chained them for their laziness.

So many Jewish third generation children, the X generation of that time, also worked in the library. In 723 BC their grandfathers and grandmothers arrived from Israel. They were the silent generation. Didn't talk much. The "baby boomers" were their children who took over from their parents and became more integrated in the new country. The x generation, the children of the Baby Boomers were fluent in Hebrew, Aramaic, Babylonian and Assyrian.

So, they worked as writers in the library. Their brains were quick and then they took the Legend of the Worm and described it in the manner of Lucifer's fall from heaven in Isaiah 14:12-14. So 40 years after the death of Isaiah, someone who may have been Jewish writes the story of a worm.

Anu the chief god made the sky and the sky made the earth and the earth made the swamp and the swamp made the worm. Then Anu placed the worm on fruit and said that its food would be vegetarian. The worm didn't like that and then insisted that he wanted to raise himself up and sit on the gums of people so that he could eat blood. Anu, the chief god was furious. He tells the other gods in an Investigative Judgment that the worm is guilty. That is why in an Executive Judgment he is going to exterminate him. The Dentist in those days read the legend daily to the patient, and said the curse on the worm and pushed his needle into the hole in the tooth, grabbed the worm by the feet and plucked it out. You can now open your ears again. The tooth is out.

Another Jew built the reality of Noah into the Gilgamesh Epic when he copied it. For those who do not know, this is the story of the Flood with a ship like Noah. Never before had Assyrians heard of a ship so big that it had three floors like a Titannic. They had never heard of the three birds that had been sent out to test the water level. They had never heard of a sacrifice that was made after they left the ship. In the Gilgamesh Epic, the Jewish author inserted bits of Moses for them so that truth of the Bible and falsehood of idolatry were intertwined. It's now the X-generation Jews in the Nineveh Library of Ashurbanipal.

Sabbath texts were also in the Library. Every seventh day of the month is indicated as a Sabbath in one of the texts. For rest. No work may be done. It was a hemerological text that tells the king every month for a whole year what he must or may do every day and what not. Kings in those days liked such an action agenda. They were very superstitious. Such a Jewish seer of the future gave him a Sabbath schedule and thus helped that all Jews did not have to work for the king in the palace. Too nice. Then there is the Assyrian-Babylonian Dictionary which says that the meaning of Sabbath is "rest of the heart". The word Noah is used for rest in Assyrian. Remarkable, isn't it? The story of Jews and their role in New York is the same as the story of Jews and their role in Nineveh. Many have become secular and atheistic. Others remained faithful. In every generation God had His people.

So in 2018 and 2019, the British Museum held an exhibition of Ashurbanipal's library. They gathered 28000 tablets over 170 years. It is difficult to determine Ashurbanipal's total because he seized other libraries in the empire as well. Below is the exhibition photo.

So what do the professors in the other churches' seminaries do with the facts? "Moses committed plagiarism and stole his Genesis 5-8 story from the Gilgamesh Epic". Hello. Moses writes Genesis in 1460 BC and Ashurbanipal's Jew copying does so in 650 BC.

Professors should not bring the hen to the chicken but the chicken to the hen. Not true?