Semites or Hebrews were working at the Sinai Copper Mines after Joseph died Evidence


---Joseph died in 1878 BC.

---Senuseret III, great-grandson of the friend Pharaoh of Joseph (Senuseret I, the 14 year old boy that made him Prime Minister), had vague recollections of Joseph.

---Scholars are postulating that he ruled until 1850.

---Others are wondering of 1843 BC as the Oxford Encyclopedia of Egyptology indicated.

---Uncertain as to the ending date is better.

---What is certain is the biblical date of 1848 BC as the starting date of the Oppression.

---Here is an article in 2022 by a Yale graduate Phd that the Sinaitic Inscriptions of workers in the mines indicate that Semites were working there with Egyptians since Senuseret III.

---Sesostris III or Senuseret III was setting the stage for the Oppression to start in 1848 BC.

---He may or may not have known Joseph already when he became pharaoh in 1871 if Joseph died in 1878 BC.

---The article deals also with following Pharaohs down into the Oppression period of 400 years that the Bible is recording. Amenemhet III and Amenemhet IV.

---It is coppermine workers and inscriptions that were analyzed by this scholar.

---Around 1916-1919 many scholars were intrigued by these Sinaitic Inscriptions and of a Sphinx object that was found with the name of Senuseret III on it. It was not clear but this article establishes that it is indeed Senuseret III. Reasons are very convincing albeit that absolute certainty is reserved because of vagueness of letters..

---What we are trying to do here, is to be scientific on the matter of the Umwelt history of Joseph and correctly so.

---For me this is a necessary article to link towards my own assessment so far to the chronology of Joseph and the pharaohs involved in his life.

Source of 2022 investigation and evidence supporting

Also see the article by A. H. Sayce, The Origin of the Semitic Alphabet. .

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