"The reptile's remains are made up of a series of 12 fragments from a surangular bone, which is found in the upper portion of the lower jaw. The researchers estimate the bone was 6.5 feet (2 meters) long and that the living animal was about 82 feet (25 m) long.

The researchers named the sea monster Ichthyotitan severnensis, meaning giant lizard fish of the Severn, after the Severn Estuary where it was found. The team believes it is not only a new species but an entirely new genus of ichthyosaur. More than 100 species are already known."
So the article reads in today's online paper about this discovery. I left out his time descriptions. You will skip it too if you see it.
The Antartic Blue-whale can be up to 29.3 meters long.
So the journalist was not properly informed of the largest animal on earth.
Secondly, the calculator's  battery failed and his chronology ran wild. Scholars disagree with each other not in hundreds of years but millions of years!
The Bible is very precise in its calculation of an enormous Flood that covered the highest mountain on earth by 10 meters water. Dinosaurs were wiped out.
The year is 2692 BC. No more no less. Drop the hundreds, thousands, millions talking jargon. Leave that for fairy tale writers.
The Bible is reality record. 
Modern scholars are not. They put Lyell glasses on to look at a past that they did not experienced but believe in each other's fairy tale that was canonized by the grief stricken Charles Darwin, angry to God that his 10 year old Annie died. So he wrote Origin of Species against God to punish Him for saying He created in 6 days everything in Genesis 1-2 and throughout the Bible repeated.
Now you can listen online to Walther Veith's lectures.