The study of Middle Egyptian is very fulfilling. It was the language that Moses learned in the palace. He took some of its words and Hebraize them and used them in Hebrew writing the books of Job and the Pentateuch.

Interesting correlations can be pointed out:

The Hebrew word gwy or goi means people or humans. It is widely used in the Pentateuch or five books of Moses, also in Job 34:29, with Genesis the oldest books in the Bible, written in 1460 BCE while Moses was hiding from Thutmosis III at Midian. In Late Egyptian from the time of Ramesses II there is the Egyptian word k3wy which means "public foreigners", "people", "other people", "public".

Lets look at another Egyptianism in Job 10:18. It is the word gw` which appears 24 times in the Old Testament and which in Middle Egyptian means "to lack beauty" as the word g3w.

In order to study these exciting connections of these loanwords in the Old Testament, a working knowledge of Middle Egyptian is imperative. The student should thus buy A. Gardiner, Egyptian Grammar and follow these lessons one by one. A person can in one year gain enough experience to help himself with correlations.

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