Days of the Week and Sabbath


Matthew 22 the rich man asked how to be saved and Jesus said that he should love God and his neighbor as himself.

So part of my work in Asia for many years was to teach young children the English of the week days.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Sunday is hitting on the head, Monday on the shoulders and Tuesday is crossing over the breast. Then Wednesday is at the hips and Thursday is a good smack on the back. Friday is on the knees and Saturday is clapping hands and raised it for worship to God in heaven.

But which one is first and which one is last?

My highschool teacher told me it does not matter. He was not an Adventist. It could have been Monday as the first and Sunday as the seventh. He was so convinced.

So I asked him two questions: which day was Jesus resurrected, Saturday or Sunday? Sunday.

Second question is to read Luke 24:1 that said Jesus was resurrected on the first day of the week.

That settles it. Sunday is th 1st, Monday 2nd, Tuesday 3rd, Wednesday 4th, Thursday is the 5th and Friday is the 6th. Thus, Saturday is the seventh.

Then I ran into a catholic website saying: which day is the Sabbath?

Had to read it. It said that if SDA’s asked you as catholic which day is the Sabbath? Then answer them as follows: Saturday is the seventh day and the Sabbath. We Christians are worshipping on Sunday because the Lord was resurrected on that day and we call it the Lord’s Day.

But, Exodus 20:10 says the Lord’s day is on the seventh day. Jesus did not come and told us about two “Lord’s days”.

So then it is quite settled: the Lord’s day is on Saturday and not on Sunday. Biblically that is.

So Sunday has to be the 1st.

To find biblical evidence that it is not the 1st, will mean that one disagrees with the counting of everyone.

And no one wants to do that among my teacher’s folks.

Now we come to the best Psalm to uplift the Law of God. Psalm 119.

He delights in the law of the Lord.

So, did Jesus took a pair of scissors and trimmed down Moses 10 to Jesus just 2?

The answer is no.


Dear Lord

Thanks for Your Sabbath day of rest for us. As You blessed it and selected it already to be the Yours, we want to keep it Your way not our way. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.