Pioneers believed in Trinity: Fake ideas unmasked

Koot van Wyk


Many fake-descriptions of the Pioneers view of the Trinity are floating around the world today in videos and writing and especially Binity parachutes are advocating this. The following two excerpts indicate that the view that Trinity is an invention by Froom or that Kellogg invented it, is not possible. Conspiracy theories against the Trinity in Adventism abound and the necessity to put the historical records straight is the purpose here.

John 14:16 says that “He [Father] will send you another [Greek allos] Comforter” not the same as the Father or Son but a “distinct personality” as EGW says in 20MR 324. She also talked about the “heavenly trio” in 1904 and objectors from the Binity camp wants to say it was introduced by Stenographers. But, Olsen in a paper on the method of Ellen White writing indicated that Ellen White said in letters that she never allowed any stenographer to publish anything that she has not read first and approved of.



L. Sapian, “The Trinity: A Historical Analysis of the Trinity in Seventh-

Day Adventism” July 30, 2017. Downloaded on the 18th of January 2020 from

See also Normal McNullty in

Woodrow W. Wilson, Jerry Moon and John W. Reeve, The Trinity:

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Notice three things below:

Who are the editors?

What is the date?

What does it state about the Trinity?


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Consequences of this data:

Is Froom the origin of introducing Trinity to Adventism?

Is Kellogg the origin of introducing Trinity to Adventism?

Did Uriah Smith reject Trinity?

Did A. T. Jones reject Trinity?

Was Ellen White still alive at this time?

When is something a conspiracy theory?

When is something pseudo-science?

Are there parachute “Adventist-like” movements that work with hidden agendas rather than the true facts? Why would that be?