Creationist Studies

Uniformatism     The delusion of Uniformatism


koot van wyk (DLitt et Phil; ThD)

Visiting Professor

Kyungpook National University

Sangju Campus

South Korea

Conjoint lecturer of Avondale College


10 October 2011


         Uniformatism is the concept underlying nearly all non-Christian religions, like Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, secular educational systems of the World, earlier pagan religions in the Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Canaanite, Greece, Roman and other parts of the Levant. The concept implies that everything remained the same at both time ends: past and future. Nothing has changed and nothing will. For that matter they created the theology of the immortality of the soul since that is the only way a dying material thing can exist eternally and humans may be even a reincarnation at present of an earlier existence. Also in science, this axiom is an ingredient. In fact, postulations about the past in geology, biology, zoology etc. are based on the axiom that what we observe on our workbench as evidence and data will be the same even if it is tested 6000 years ago. Nothing has changed.     

             Thus, if a measure instrument is developed by modern science, one can conclude that what it says about the material world and its relations will be applicable also in the past, for even millions of years. It is this particular aspect of uniformatism that was criticized in a video of an interview between Canadian atheist Richard Dawkins and Australian Creationist John Mackay. The video is on Fascinating, how Mackay answered the objections raised by Dawkins. In fact, when Mackay ends his interview under pressure of Dawkins, it is Dawkins who is the cold turkey. Dawkins problem is that he clings to axioms of the present as a standard for speaking authoritatively of the past millions of years ago. In the past secular scientists were confident that they are right about the world of the past and the origins of everything, because of their firm faith in uniformatism.       

            Uniformatism is the "theology" of the secular, atheist, nihilist, and their instruments serve the same navigational purpose that the Bible plays for the believer. They believe in radio carbon 14 dating and its accuracy, dendron chronology, calendars, Varves, Thermoluminescence, Electron spin resonance, Potasium argon, Uranium series, Fission track, Obsidian hydration, Amino-acid recemization, Cation-ratio, Archaeo-magnetism, Geomagnetic reversals and all the other instruments of dating. So they believe in millions of years. The biblical chronology and calendars they do not believe. Dawkins confront Creationists in their face and the purpose of his book The God delusion is to "evangelize" fence sitters in the debate to drop the idea of the existence of God and to join him in numbers saying God does not exist (see his interview online with Steven Sakur). Dawkins is called by his atheist peers: "atheist fundamentalist". He writes the criticism off by saying that he is trying to be straight in the face of the believer whereas the other atheists uses soft and well-chosen words to hide their same agenda.

         But what do we have to say to Dawkins: very simple. NASA has gone to the Moon and gone to Mars. If evolution is a reality, then one would expect that on the Moon would be 75% developed animals, plants, etc. and on Mars 50% developed animals and plants. But there is nothing. We repeat. There is nothing. One scientist lamented in the New York Times saying: "Are we alone out here in the universe?"

         Exactly. Compare the data: Mars nothing, Moon nothing, Earth highly complex with a complex micro-universe in every organism. Where does uniformatism fit in if evolution did not work all these millions of years on Mars and the Moon? The answer is simple. Uniformatism did not operate and evolution, except micro-evolution within the species, did not occur as a process at all. Lyell is shelved, so is Darwin and so is Uniformatism.


Atheist                                                                     Creationist

faith                                                                                   faith

instruments                                                                        Bible

uniformatism                                                         catastrophism

not there themselves                                 not there themselves

evolution surmised                                      creation understood

admit intelligent design                            admit micro-evolution

but not by God, gods, etc.                      but not between species

Richard Dawkins                                                     John Mackay


TEST    Mars=nothing   Moon=nothing    Earth=very complex

Why not Mars 50% developed, Moon 75% and earth 100%?

Why not Mars 100% developed, Moon 75% and Earth 50%?

               Evolution is not possible since uniformatism is absent from Mars or the Moon as well as evolution which is totally absent there. Thus, Creationism is only option.



(Dawkins and John Mackay)

(Steven Sakur and Dawkins)


Two men sat behind bars,

the one saw mud,

the other one stars